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Nepal is beautiful country. It has a lot to show for people around the globe. It includes nature, landscape culture, forest, flora fauna water resources, mineral’s mines. It is a place to perform adventure Sports. It involves activities which are awkward, breathtaking and astounding as well. An adventure sport is game of doing courageous acts which involves unwanted action and whose consequence is unknown. Adventure Sport contains a very odd and strange activities. Mountaineering, rock climbing, paragliding, rafting, trekking, hiking etc., are some popular adventure sports in Nepal. Adventure Sports are done at various places depending on the nature. Activities like trekking, hiking, are undertaken in hilly and mountainous areas. On snow-covered mountains, it is possible to carry out activities like mountaineering.

Many Nepalese like dal bhat tarkari Nepali food. Most people eat a large rice meal twice a day, usually at day and in the night. Rice generally is served with lentil and a cooked vegetable. Often, the meal includes a pickle of a fruit or vegetable. In poorer and higher-altitude areas, where rice not produced, Dhido, a thick liquid made of millet. In areas where wheat is plentiful, rice may be supplemented by flat bread, roti. It is more common to eat with the hands. Besides momos, chaumin, thukpa laughing are eaten as lunch in day time as they arrived from Tibet which are made of different eatable floors .Whereas samosha ,pakora, dish from potato are of India, and mithai, dish from powder of cereals are also supremely popular. They are also from India.

The most of people are farmers who grow rice, maize, millet, barley, wheat, and vegetables and do small scale agro based industries of fruits, vegetables and tourism. At hills and Terai , agriculture is the source of happiness, while at higher altitudes tourism supremely exists . Many households maintain chickens and goats. However, few families go to abroad for better income. It has helped in country’s development. Production of organic tea, coffee, cardamom, sugar, brick, tile, and paper, organic cash crops and food grains, vegetable, oil alcohol is done for earning as they are exported also to India.

Caste and ethnic groups are often categorized by both physical characteristics, particular food dress pattern music, dance, and cuisine the culture of caste Hindus and Buddhism is heavenly followed and practiced. It is land of diverse culture. Pasupatinatinath ,Lumbini, Budhnilkantha Swayambu, Taalbarahi,bhaudha are most to visit to look religious tolerance between whole Nepal.