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Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

"Flying above a massive range of Annapurna Himalaya with exciting mountain views"

Trip Duration: 1 Days

Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

  • Enjoy flying high above picturesque Pokhara city and green valley to Annapurna base camp
  •  Adventure over high green hills and Modi River gorge to spectacular Annapurna Sanctuary 
  •  In between massive range of giant peaks of Annapurna Himalaya on landing at base camp
  •  Stand beneath towering world tenth highest Mt. Annapurna the first 8,000 m ever climbed
  •  Fabulous panorama of a mountain range with dramatic landscapes from start to an end of the ride.”

Trip Profile:

  • Tour Grade: Leisure with short moderate walks
  •  Region of Tour: Nepal North Mid-West Himalaya within Annapurna range 
  •  Duration: Minimum 02 hrs to maximum 03 hrs
  •  Starting and final point: Pokhara domestic airport.
  •  Places to Land: At Annapurna base camp above 4,130 m high.
  •  Places of interest: Annapurna Base Camp within scenic Sanctuary.
  •  Best Season: Nearly all months of the year except monsoon of June to mid-September. Best months for unobstructed views from March to May with October till December months.
  •  Types of Helicopter: AS 350 B series of helicopters of Euro-Copter, France, famous all over the world and Ecureuil model or similar standards.

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour Overview

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour takes you to breathtaking experience from the moments you fly off from scenic Pokhara city airport, Pokhara, located on the laps of massive Annapurna Himalaya range with Machhapuchare ‘Fish Tail’ peak.

Pokhara scenic and leading touristic spot of Nepal and probably around the whole Himalaya range, where warm low sub-tropical climate meets the cooler alpine hills with the arctic cold of Annapurna Mountains truly a fascinating place on earth.

From Pokhara on excellent and clear morning fly above the city and its beautiful valley enclosed within rolling green hills as Helicopter swirls higher into blue sky overlooking the superb panorama of Pokhara city, valley and its simmering lakes in the backdrop of high Annapurna peaks.

After short hours of maximum one hour or little more where Helicopter makes a soft landing at Annapurna base camp within beautiful Sanctuary surround by an amphitheater of giant peaks that makes a massive range of Annapurna.

Annapurna base camp located at the height 4,130 m high the only base camp in all Himalaya region where travelers find the comfort of the friendly and cozy lodge and for warm, refreshing drinks on stopping at base camp to enjoy the spectacular scenery of high Annapurna range of peaks.

Annapurna Himalaya, a massive range of mountains in between Dhaulagiri to the west with Manaslu in the east direction, Annapurna -I the central high peak listed as world tenth highest mountains and the first 8,000 m peak ever climbed even before Mt. Everest was summated.

Enjoying fabulous time at base camp in close harmony of the high mountain range, then fly back to Pokhara over hills and river dales dotted with lovely farm village and well-tended terraces as Helicopter Tour complete on landing at Pokhara. 

Places of interest and views on Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour:

From Pokhara taking an early morning Helicopter flight facing an incredible panorama of Pokhara city and its green valley as flight heads further north flying above green hills and river dales to reach a broad exposed plateau at Annapurna Sanctuary to land at Annapurna base camp.

Before landing at Annapurna base camp where one can catch views of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu with Lamjung Himal and from the base can create a grand panorama of Mt. Annapurna-I with A-II, A-III, A-IV includes Annapurna South, Huinchuli, Gangapurna, Tent peak/Tharpu Chuli with famous Machhapuchare Himal known as Fish Tail peak.

We are enjoying glorious views where flight heads back to Pokhara with more pictures of beautiful green landscapes of hills and valley covered in dense rhododendron and pine forest.

Brief Itinerary:

By 5:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. Short drive to Pokhara Airport and then board in a spacious seated Helicopter, where you will be welcomed by Helicopter airline staff and captain-pilot, then board in a chopper on comfortable seats of small capacity for 4-5 person.

Pilot at cockpit in the front accompanied by co-pilot besides chief Captain, otherwise with only one primary pilot to take you to beautiful high country around Annapurna Himalaya, as Helicopter takes off above from the airport with full panorama of Pokhara city and its verdant valley surrounded by tiers of green hills with views of white snow-capped peaks in the north direction.

Flying high above hills with many farm villages and following Modi River gorge to reach the wide-open valley of Annapurna Sanctuary to land at Annapurna base camp at the height of 4,130 m. With a fantastic panorama of surrounding high mountains enjoying warm refreshment or breakfast from the local lodge where you can enjoy the vista of the mountain range for an hour or less weather permitting.

From Annapurna base camp time permitting short landing at Chomrong or Ghandruk villages to observe the local culture of Gurung, the tribe of Annapurna region interwoven with Buddhism religion and culture.

After enjoying the short visit of getting a local glimpse of local custom, then fly back to Pokhara by lunchtime, after a tremendous memorable air journey with scenic experience on Annapurna Himalaya Helicopter Tour.

Additional Information:

Although we run this Helicopter tour in the best time of the year, sometimes even in an excellent season where some days weather can be unreliable for a Helicopter flight or landing at the exact spot as predicted on the itinerary.

The Captain of Helicopter and airlines will try the best to make you feel at great comfort, avoiding unnecessary disappointment and hassle due to unpredictable weather conditions, where we all make a great effort that you enjoy and have a great time with us.

Passengers booked for Annapurna Himalaya Helicopter Tour with a maximum number of 5 persons as per the capacity of a Helicopter size and model, for single person booking, we do run where the cost comes to higher side than sharing with other groups.

Age limit from young children of 4-5 years old to elderly of 70 years age also depends upon the health and physical fitness for flying into higher altitude, for above 70 years and younger than 4-5 years requires permission from your medical side and parents or guardians.  

Annapurna Area in the protection of ACAP:

All areas of the Annapurna Himalaya region conserved and protected by a semi-government project known as ACAP short form for Annapurna Conservation Area Project, established in 1986, which is the largest conservation project covering an area of 7, 629 sq.kms.

The area of Annapurna Himalaya helps and protects over 120 different species of mammals, 475 bird-life with 38 species of reptiles, and 20 various amphibians and supports diverse cultural and religious groups of natives far and wide within Annapurna Himalaya range.

The southern area of Annapurna dominated by Gurung people, with Magar and Poon tribe in the west, includes some minor groups of Tamang hill people with Hindu Bharamins and Chettries in the low, warm area.

Area of ACAP extends towards North behind Annapurna Himalaya settled by the Manang group of tribes interwoven with influential Buddhism culture and religion; conservation continues covering the whole of Mustang area as well. 

Where all visitors entering into the Annapurna region requires ACAP entry fees and permits, which can be obtained in Kathmandu or at Pokhara before starting your treks or another journey, including Helicopter tour to its base camp.

The fee helps and supports to uplift the poor rural villages standard taking care of hygiene, education for helpless children as well as maintaining walking trails, bridges, and supporting villages with clean drinking water.

More of Annapurna Himalaya region: 

Annapurna Himalaya area located within Nepal Far North Mid-West covers dramatically varied landscapes that make Annapurna region one of the most sought and best destinations for all kinds from beautiful views of peaks, change of marvelous scenery along with different cultural villages.

Nowhere on this planet can one find so much variation than around Annapurna Himalaya region, a difference of climate along with people and custom where the area offers from low sub-tropical temperatures to cooler weather and towards the northern zone of remorseless fields of ice and glaciers.

Significant climate change makes Annapurna Himalaya more special in the backdrop of high Annapurna range of peaks and the harmony of local cultures and customs.

The word Annapurna itself interesting comes from ancient Sanskrit means crops/food for Anna and Purna for enough, a mountain of Crops / Food enough or plenty, as the range of peaks of Annapurna forms glacier that feeds wide net-work of rivers and streams that irrigates the agricultural fields to harvest good crops.

Annapurna Himalaya range a marvelous place to experience once your lifetime either trekking or other daring adventure and hike for short days as well for enjoyable Helicopter flights and tour to soak into a magnificent panorama of Annapurna range of mountains.

Annapurna Himalaya ranges famous and renowned places not only for views of beautiful peaks as well for cultural sides with traditional villages that dot the green hills of Annapurna Himalaya.

Besides its popularity where visitors can find great comfort in local lodges found all around the walks that extend to Annapurna base camp, the only base camp where one can see the facilities of cute and cozy lodges with the excellent food menu, with rooms facing views of mountains.

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Trip Facts
  • Trip Duration: 1 Days

  • Destination: Nepal

  • Group Size: Any size

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Altitude: Annapurna Base Camp 4130m

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