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Mid-West Himalayan Region

"exciting adventures around remote corners of Central Himalaya mountain range "

Nepal Mid-West Himalayan Region, a great scenic and beautiful adventure destination, walk leads you along its pristine wilderness of high mountains facing dramatic and unique scenery within its picturesque landscapes.

Nepal Mid-West Himalayan Region, where most travelers and adventurer are unaware of this marvelous country where you will be within quiet and remote isolated corners of Central Himalaya around tranquil environment.

A great place for all types of adventure on least ventured areas of Nepal Mid-West Himalayan region, often visited by few trekkers around hidden trails where you can explore around its serene wilderness.

Adventure Alpine Gorkha Treks and Expeditions offers you various scenic and exciting walks and adventure within magnificent high hills with panorama of mountains and visiting time-lost rural farm villages where culture and traditions still retains as it was past thousands of years.

Nepal Mid-West Himalayan region covers from Manaslu to massive bulk of Ganesh Himal where trek leads you from moderate to adventurous walks within quiet elusive trails.

As this area located around undisturbed remote country where trekking involves with overnight in lodge as well camping in some areas around Nepal Mid-West Himalayan region, we offer following interesting trekking adventure around this wild destinations.

01: Around Manaslu Trekking
02: Tsum Valley Trekking
03: Around Ganesh Himal Trekking

With more on request besides our standard itineraries programs we also run and organize private trips or Tailor-Made Itineraries to suit all interested travelers.

Manaslu Trek