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  • October 28, 2019
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Everest Base Camp Trek in October

Nepal is one of the best-trekking destinations in the world. Everest base camp trek in October is the most popular trekking trails in the Himalayan region in Nepal. From the base camp, we had an outstanding view of the world highest Mount Everest and many more peak

Everest base camp trek for the best month in October. Because of the bright climate can be a view of the amazing Himalayan landscape and nature. It reflects the panoramic view of the mountain. October is the month that comes under the autumn season. It was the month of clear weather; it looks beautiful nature and snow-capped mountain smiling. This is the dry season and post of monsoon season, so the visitor can feel environment fresh air and beautiful landscape reflect the stunning view of Himalaya.

The attraction of the region are Mount Everest (8848m/29029), Amadablam (6,812m/22349ft) ,Lothese (8,516m/27940ft), Cho You (8,201 m/26907), Npthese (7,861m/25791ft),and many more Himalayan peaks, along the way beautiful Sherpa village, Buddhist Monastery, Khumbu Glacier, verity of flora and fauna in this region. Everest base came offers broad of adventure provide a picturesque scenic view of Mount Everest and many more peaks.

When we start our higher elevation trekking, the temperature will be drop down because of the ascending high altitude areas. In the October time lower elevation temperature also neither too cold nor too hot as well as higher elevation similar nature so, there is not much cold. That’s why it will be the best month of trekking in this region.

The average temperature is the Everest base camp in October season. Mainly sunny days bring warm temperatures, so it will go 20o c. Evening and morning approximately temperature will go down -5oC, sometime it will be higher up because of the bed weather above the 3500 m from the sea level.

In October month, Nepal’s most celebrated festival Dashain celebrated by Hindu people. Here you have time to understand our religion, and you can explore our Nepali tradition. It will be your great chance to participate in our culture and lifestyle.

Adventure Alpine Gorkha Treks & Expedition provide solo, family adventure, friends, and group adventure trekking and tour in Nepal. We are focusing on hospitality guest-oriented services. During Everest base camp trek, we have a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced guide, Sherpa, assistance guide, and porter as per the group formation. Our team will be dedicated to providing safe and secure information to the guest while starting our journey to each part of trekking and tour in Nepal.

Thus October is the best month of the Everest base camp trek, those who were looking wonderful time to view the mountain and nature in this trek.

Highlights of the trek

The warm and beautiful month of trekking

Most celebrated festival in Nepal, you have great chance to understand our Nepali culture

Adventurous flight Kathmandu to Lukla

Explore the Sagarmatha national park

It offers the stunning view of nature and Mount Everest and many more peaks

The attraction of the Buddhist monastery

Sherpa culture and lifestyle

Highest elevation view of Mount Everest from the Kalapather (5645m18514ft/)

The trekking witness are a fantastic mountain range, nature, river, glacier, Sherpa, and landscape

Pleasant walking through the beautiful trekking trail.

Everest base camp trek in October is a suitable time for travelers.

Everest base camp weather in October

Due to climate change, we cannot predict the weather condition in the Himalayan region. Although October month is the stable of the weather condition in Everest base camp trek.

The autumn season comes after the monsoon season. Travel after the monsoon is the best for the marvelous view of nature and mountain range. Because of the rainy season, bring greenery of the environment and clear and bright weather. That was the best season for the trekking in Everest base camp trek.

The weather condition in October month is stable most of the time. This time is the moderate climate zone during this period. So current weather brings the unobstructed view from the base camp and more stunning from the Kalapather.

In October, there was no more change to rain and trek will be more enjoyable and memorable.

If we fully determine with your beautiful vacation and preparation of the backpack. We will provide a porter guide service; you didn’t get any difficulty during the trek.

Everest base camp temperature in October

October is the favorite month of warmth most of the time. Mostly the day time temperature approximately 15 degrees Celsius, and morning time temperature will be getting down around -6 degrees. The evening will be colder than the morning, and it goes around -10 degrees Celsius. The heat makes suitable weather for the October treks and tour in Nepal.

October offers superb temperature of the base camp trek. The moderate temperature and worm days reflect the stunning view of nature. While trekking in the October month, not so much cold and windy days, we will be leading our team very nicely and fantastic way.

Accommodation and meal

In the Everest base camp trekking region, there is a lot of tea house along the way. The tea house will provide room and meal service.

October is the high season, so there are many tourists during this season. Thus we have to book a hotel previously. Sometime, it may not be available sufficient room. At that time we have to share a place, but in this trek, there was a chance to elegant a hotel quickly.

Because of the crowd, we have to order while arriving at the hotel. It will easy for the hotel preparation meal and accommodation. They will provide on-time service. The hotel will give friendly accommodation, but we will suggest bringing a sleeping bag for better sleep in the Himalayan region.

Along the way to base camp trek, there are abundant tea houses provide the best service. So, we have to pre-book the tea house before starting our trekking destination. We will give lovely accommodation in the Everest base camp trek region because of the many best facilitate tea house.

Some tips of the Everest base camp trek in October

The adventurous journey begins from the 35-minute scenic flight to Lukla from Kathmandu.

Explore the Sherpa culture and Buddhist monastery; it was the best time to understand Everest region culture and lifestyle. So feel free to participate with us.

Trekking is not an easy task in this region, so you have to think about the difficulty and solving with the help of Adventure Alpine Gorkha Treks & Expedition. We will provide a trekking guide; he was knowledgeable and experienced involvement in this trekking and tour field in Nepal.

While starting a memorable and adventurous journey, we have to take care of our physical fitness and mental preparation of the base camp trekking.

Some listed tips of Everest base camp in October

Start journey early in the morning

Arrangement of the accommodation while start trip

Looking best service provider, government-affiliated company

Guide porter service

Comfortable backpacks

Worm and a soft cloth


Propose of the Everest base camp trek in October

Moderate climate

Because of the average temperature, October is the best month of trekking in the Everest region. Stable weather makes a pleasurable walk. You have a great chance to view a stunning snow-capped mountain and landscape.

You will not suffer from very cold and bed visibility of the climate. It means excellent adventure with nature during the October season.

Panoramic view

In October days, it will be sunny and warm, and it means we can be amazed by nature. We had a high chance of a scenic view of the mountain range. Along the way, you have diversified landscape, culture, Sherpa settlement

Adventurous journey

Everest base camp trek is the bit challenging and beautiful trekking trails in the world. Every year many tourists visit this region because of the outstanding view of the mountain range as well as the world’s highest Mount Everest. It was a somehow tricky but adventurous journey.

The attraction of the Sherpa culture and ancient monastery

Everest base camp is the major attraction of Sherpa culture and Buddhist monastery. This attraction can be an excellent experience for the traveler. Who wants to explore the unique culture and tradition, it will be the right place for the adventure lover.



Everest region also has unique variety along the way to trek base camp. We had a great chance to explore flora and fauna in the Everest base camp trek. Thus Everest region trek covers the world heritage site.

Festive season

Nepal is rich because of its culture and tradition. So this is the time of Hindu most celebrated festival Dashain and Tihar. You will understand the importance and beauty of our celebration.

Festival celebration means togetherness, meditate the mind and body and moral lesson for the people. From the festival, we can get pleasure from our bodies. Thus it will be significant for the Nepali people.

This month will be the best for the Everest base camp trek.

Struggling in Everest base camp during October season

Walking difficulty

While starting an Everest base camp trek, people have some sort of question in mind, how steep trekking trail is it? If it is an easy and pleasant path, it will be a memorable and adventurous journey lifelong.

Most of the part in the Himalayan region in Nepal, we have to walk more up and downhill, rough road, and trekking trail. So some people feel difficult to walk, who are not physically fit and active to trek in Everest base camp.

The hurdle is in every part of the journey, here is in Nepal every corner in Himalaya narrow paths and uphill became hard to walk. In the mountain, especially yak and horses, are used to carry a necessary arrangement of the hotel’s food and accommodation, so it will difficult to walk along the way to trek.

Nothing can be impossible, so we have to focus on our passion.

High altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is another factor of Everest base camp trek. Who doesn’t have familiarity with the altitude trekking and travel? They cannot august with the climate, and they will suffer from the sickness problem.

Who wants to travel more enjoyable, you have to take care of the problem of altitude and how to acclimatize with the situation should have a concern.

Adventure Alpine Gorkha treks Go will be the guideline for the problem and solution.

Busy trekking trail

October is the high season and crowed of the tourist. The trail will be challenging to walk.

Hard to manage accommodation

Because of the High season quickly occupied the hotel, even plenty of tea house along the trek. So it might be difficult for exceptional accommodation.

We have to book a hotel before starting our journey although we have to wait for the meal because the more guest was staying in the same tea house.

Climate change

Climate change is another difficulty of the trek in Everest’s reason. Due to the unfavorable condition of the weather, we may not flight on time in Lukla. Because of global warming, we cannot predict the weather condition in the Himalayan region.

Why is the Everest base camp trek in October?

Everest base camp in October because of the moderate weather reflect the picturesque view of the mountain range as well as nature. This time will not be a chance to rain, and days always sunny and warm. The journey will be stunning because of the best view of the environment and mountain. Fantastic quality and landscape give a social movement with nature. Because of the clear weather, we can bring lightweight cloth and your adventurous journey will be memorable.

Start our journey from the eyewitness view mountain flight to Lukla. The view of bright and clear because of the clear weather. The diversified nature and landscape reflect the beauty of Everest base camp trek.

Another attraction of the Sagarmatha national park is high biodiversity. Above the mountainous area mainly covered by the Rhododendron forest, it will be blooming on the winter season and fantastic beauty of nature with a combination of a snow-capped mountain. Sherpa culture also interconnected with biodiversity. That shows the beauty of Everest base camp trek.

In October is the best month, along the way, a lot of national and international tourists. The trail will be busy. It creates a beautiful atmosphere, everybody greeting with beautiful words, “Namaste.” This makes the journey will be comfortable and pleasant walking.

Nepal is a vibrant and prosperous country in culture. In October, most celebrated festivals Dashain and Tihar fall in this season. So you may have a chance to participate to know about the Nepali culture and tradition. This is also the benefit of the October trek in Nepal.

Packaging list in October trek

October is the right decision for the trek in Everest base camp. So we have to prepare for the necessary arrangement for the trek. Essential packaging list as following:

Trekking boats

Sleeping bags

Pair of trekking t-shirt

Down and flesh jacket

Warm wearing mountain cloth

Warm trouser

Pair of undergarment

Lightweight scandal

Trekking poles

Head charging light

A couple of sucks

Trekking duffel bag

Sunglass, sun hat

Water bottle

Water purifier

Trekking map etc.



Thus October is the best month of Everest base camp trek. Everest base camp trekking trail is the challenging and dear walks among st another trekking trail in the world.

October is the best month to touch your destiny full of determination through our guidance.

Adventure Alpine Gorkha (AAGT) will be your part of trekking. Do you have any further inquiries, you can email or contact us.


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