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  • September 20, 2020
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Best Season to Trek in Nepal

The best season to trek in Nepal is spring and autumn. But trekking in Nepal is possible throughout the year. All season has unique nature and offerings to the trekkers all around the world. It will depend upon you where and how high do you want to take part in it.

Nepal has enriched naturally beautiful surrounding high Himalayas, green hills, typical villages, and their tradition and culture with wildlife make your incredible adventurous journey to the traveler all around the globe. You have an opportunity to take part in challenging high Himalayan region trekking, climbing, and expedition. Also, you can experience the outstanding views of snowcapped mountains with natural beauty trek with your friends and family. All these trekking regions provide an amazing experience in Nepal by exploring the alpine region’s diversity of flora and fauna. The rich culture and diversity provide an opportunity to experience perfect cultural and religious travel and tour in Nepal.

If you are planning to trek, hiking, and climbing in Nepal, you have to learn about the trekking season and decide the best season to trek in Nepal.

Adventure Alpine Gorkha Treks will help you to decide the best trekking season in Nepal. Also, we are providing the best guide travel and tour in Nepal.

While deciding the best season trek in Nepal, you have to think about the crowd and the best weather during these season trek. Because of the stable and favorable weather conditions, many of us traveler selected the best time to trek in Nepal.

Peak trekking season many travelers visit Nepal.



Best season to trek in Nepal

Spring (March-May)

Summer Season (June – August)

Autumn Season (September – November)

Winter Season (December-February)



Best season to trek in Nepal

Spring (March-May)

Spring season in Nepal starts with March and ends with May. The season starts to end with the winter season in Nepal. Starting with the spring season days are longer and warmer temperatures. It is the second popular best trekking after the autumn season in Nepal. So, you have to book your trip in advance.

During spring season started blooming wildflower flowers and the fresh sprouts growing that were lifeless because of the winter season. The cool breezed and warm weather makes the traveler more comfortable during the best season trek in Nepal. However, the cool weather is not the advantage in spring but there are a few chances of the adverse condition of climate, so you enjoy the astonishing views of nature and on a time mountain flight.

In the spring season, higher altitude trek is still cold but warmer than the winter season trek. It is the best time to explore the Himalayan range because the snow is not melted, so you enjoy the stunning views of snowcapped mountains.  However, the lower elevation of the trek still humid and hot, you still enjoy the walk between pleasant green forest and having the beautiful views of nature. Also, you enjoy the trek in spring natural trek through the national park and conservation areas, where you experience the biodiversity. The spring season trek in the Himalayan region blooming the Rhododendron forest makes a beautiful walk to the trekker that wants to dwell in the forest in Nepal.

The temperature in higher altitudes and lower altitudes will be around 16°C to 23°C. The May is the warmest month of spring season but it brings cloud and shower because of the monsoon season starts.

However, the lower altitude trek is warmer but high altitude trek weather is moderate above 3500m. This month offers stunning views of the Himalayan range.



  • Stable and favorable weather condition
  • Days are longer during the spring season
  • Fewer trekkers than an autumn season, you have more time to explore the natural and Himalayan region beauty.
  • Warm and pleasant weather condition during day and night time
  • Fewer chances to cancellation of the mountain flight such as Lukla
  • From April melted all snow along the trek during winter season snowing and easy to walk in higher altitude.

Festival and events

  • Nepalese New Year is celebrated in April
  • Buddha Jayanti celebrated in Lumbini and Kathmandu in April
  • Ghode Jatra is celebrated in Kathmandu in March
  • Holi festival of color celebrated in March in cities and remote region in Nepal
  • Tiji festivals in Upper Mustang is celebrated
  • Dumji festival is celebrated in the Everest region in May

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Summer Season (June – August)

The summer season starts from June to August. It is also known as the monsoon season in Nepal. This season starts with a warmer climate, heavy downfall, and uncomfortable conditions.

Usually, the high altitude Himalayan region is covering with the cloud. The lower region trekking trail is slippery and muddy. However, you still enjoy the amazing views of the Himalayan region trek.

Nepal has geographical diversity, so some of the region treks is lying in rain shadow areas, you can trek during monsoon season.

In the northern part of Nepal, there are Greater Mountains called the Himalayas.  The upper Mustang, Manag, and Dolpa region of Nepal lies in rain shadow areas. So the summer season is the best time to trek in this region in Nepal.

Due to Nepal, s geography, rainfall often occurs at night, and morning weather will be clear and stunning. You had a unique experience after heavy rainfall spectacular views of nature and the exciting Himalayan range in Nepal.

Also, monsoon is the best time to explore the beauty of nature keen botanist or photographer. Yet, you will enjoy the beauty of nature blooming the wildflower along the trekking trail leading through the different valley.


  • Less number of trekkers along the trekking trail. You will get more chances to explore nature.
  • Low chances of Altitude sickness because of the summer
  • You will get accommodation easily and luxurious. Also, you will get a discount on accommodation and food.

Festival and events

  • Paddy Plantation day “Ropai Jatra” celebrated in June all over Nepal
  • Hindu religion celebrated Nag Panchami and Janai Purnima festival in July
  • Gaijatra festival is the cow festival on august celebrated by the Newar religion
  • Yartung Mela in Muktinath valley on full moon day (July-August).


Autumn Season (September – November)

Autumn starts from the end of the monsoon season in September until November last. It is the ideal trekking season in Nepal because of the pleasant and clear weather that offers the stunning views of the Himalayan region. The trekking trail is the best condition during this season trek. In autumn season trek, there are few chances of flight delayed or cancellation, so you can enjoy the Arial views of the Himalayan range without worry about being able to arrive on time.

The weather is pleasant and stable. But sometime the temperature will be hot even in the elevation of 3000m from the sea level. The temperature is around 15° to 24°C, respectively high altitude and lower altitude.

Autumn is the best season to trek in Nepal because of the clear days. During this season Himalayan region trek offers the incredible views of a mountain range.

During autumn the average temperature will be around 15°C in the Everest base camp trek. The temperature will be around 20°C in the day time and -10°C temperature during night and morning time above 4000m.

Yet, the autumn season trek is considered a peak season of the year. It means the trekking trail is overcrowded by the trekkers. Most of the tea houses are overbooked, which is very difficult to find a comfortable accommodation service. So you have to pre-book accommodation during the autumn season trek. Because of the peak season, you might be charged expensively for accommodation and food. However, the tea houses offer you a reasonable price for the client.



  • Weather is stable and sunny
  • Trekking trail offering the greenery views with the dust-free clean environment
  • Days are warmer and pleasant to walk
  • Clear views skies and astonishing views of the Himalayan range

Festival and events

  • Teej festival of women is celebrated by Nepalese women
  • Indra Jatra festival of living goddess festival celebrated Kathmandu Durbar Square in September
  • Tihar and Dashain are celebrated are two major greatest festivals in Nepal.
  • Mani Rimdu festival is celebrated during October / November in the Everest region trek.

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Winter Season (December-February)

In Nepal, the winter season starts from the month of December and ends with February.  During this season trek freezing nights and sunny days are accompanied along the trek in the Himalayan region in Nepal. Trekking in the winter season is difficult because of the weather condition. However, it is the best time to enjoy the unique views of Himalayan panorama.

All most of the higher altitude temperature is below zero degrees but lower altitude trek is no more. From Mid-November to February are the coldest month and you can experience a different part of the trek snowing. It will be the main cause of mountain flight cancellation or delay. Lower altitude below 2500m is the suitable trekking region in the winter season.

Short duration nature trek is possible with family and friends, the theses trekking trail is dry and less dangerous with the wildlife.  A short Himalayan region trek also can enjoy getting the mesmerizing views of the Himalayan range. Most of the mountains are covered with snow from the bottom and it looks closer. Also, the weather is clear but sometimes it was obstructed because of bad weather conditions. Yet, Ghorepani Poon hill trek, Pikey Peak Trek, Everest View Trek, Panchese trek, and Kathmandu valley surrounding, etc. a few trekking trails are suitable during winter season trek.

It was one of the best times to get a pleasant environment adventure as the trekking trail, a few trekkers along the trek, you can enjoy the peaceful trek. Also, you will get accommodation, flight tickets as well as food easily and get some discount for the offseason trek, it will be quite cheaper than the peak season trek. However, some of the trekking region tea houses are closed higher altitude trek to avoid the cold staying at a lower elevation. So, you have to proper arrangement according to the trekking region as per the winter season weather condition.



  • Fewer trekkers along the trail because of offseason trek. If you are looking peaceful and less crowded trekking trail, it will be a perfect time.
  • You can get the amazing views of snowcapped mountains with low humidity and precipitation.
  • Enjoy the special discount offer for the off-season trek in Nepal.

Festival and events

  • Christmas and New Year
  • Street Festival is celebrated in Pokhara to celebrate New Year
  • Tamu Losar the greatest festival is celebrated by Gurung Community in Nepal
  • Mageshangrati is the greatest Hindu festival celebrated in the highland of Nepal

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Trekking in Nepal is possible throughout the year. Yet, different seasons bring a different experience in Nepal.

However, each season has its own unique specialty and offerings, so you have to analyze its pros and cons before planning the trip.

We can’t predict the weather condition of the Himalayan region trek, so you have to prepare according to the trekking season which you choose. It will help you to make your trip adventurous and memorable in Nepal.

Hope you will pick up the best information for this article and choose the best season to trek in Nepal.

For more information, you can contact us.

Namaste from the lap of Himalayan country Nepal!!!

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