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  • February 19, 2020
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Best time to go to the Manasalu circuit trek 

The most frequently asked question when is the best time to go to the Manasalu circuit trek. The trek is rich in culture, nature and unforgettable stunning mountain Manasalu circuit trek is the perfect choice of adventure. Well, Manasalu circuit trek is not famous as an Everest base camp and neighboring trekking trail Annapurna circuit and base camp trek. But Manasalu circuit trek provides a unique adventure to the traditional Nepali village and landscape less affected by the modern culture and lifestyle.

The trek is opened from the 1991AD to the public all over the world. Trek starts Buddhi Gandaki valley from Arughat 6-7 hour drive from Kathmandu. The trek ends with Annapurna circuit starting point Behasisher.

Mt Manaslu is located in the western part of Nepal. It is the eighth highest mountain above the 8000-meter height from all over the world. The mountain is 8163m height from the sea level. The trekking trail provides you the stunning view of Mt Annapurna, Ganesh, Manasalu, Ngadi Chuli, Himal Chuli, and enormous mountain peaks.

As you begin the trekking trail, you are heading from the low land to the higher valley to Larkly la pass (5153m) of the Manasalu circuit. You had an opportunity of diverse landscape, green lush forest low land to alpine, traditional villages, huge glacier, and the mighty Himalayan range. The trek covers the 177km from the Arughat to Behasiser.

The Manasalu circuit trek can be done around 12-16 days. The trek will pass through beautiful villages like Phidim, Namrung, Low, Sayla, Sama, Samdo and Dharmasala. Then you will pass the highest point of Manasalu Larkly la pass, where you can enjoy the amazing view of snow-covered mountains. You will acclimatization at Sama (3545m) and Samdo (3700) village because of the altitude trek. Here you will have a great opportunity of Manaslu base camp, Birendra Tal, Pungan Gumba and Tibitien border from the side of the Gorkha district. Also, you had an experience of Buddhist culture and monastery of the attraction of the trek.

However, it has an amazing experience than the other region trek in Nepal like Annapurna base camp, Ghorepani Poon hill trek, Lantang valley trek, etc.

The Manasalu region trek is a very wealthy diversity of flora and fauna. Most of the part of the trek is not affected by the modernity and culturally rich because of the different settlements pass through the ethnic and non-ethnic community.

The best time to go Manaslu circuit trek in spring and autumn seasons are the perfect time to adventure. Because of the stable climate and weather provide a breathtaking view of nature and snow-covered mountains.

Thus we refer the Manasalu circuit trek to explore the outstanding adventure with the stunning beauty of nature, landscape, and high altitude Himalayan range.

Highlights of the Manasalu circuit trek

  • Manasalu circuit is the off beaten trekking trail in Nepal
  • Explore the diverse nature and culture
  • The amazing experience of flora and fauna verity along the trekking trail.
  • Enjoy the astonishing view of a mountain range from the different points of the viewpoint.
  • Study the Bramin, Chettri, different ethnic groups like Gurung Mager and Tibetan religious people.
  • Outstanding view of Sarangi Himal (7,161 m), Himalchuli (7,893 m), Ganesh Himal II (7,118 m) Manaslu (8,153 m), Annapurna, and several other peaks.
  • The trek walking through, Buddhi Gandaki valley, paddy field, waterfalls, rocky hills, green hills tropical to alpine forest covered by pine, oak and rhododendron, low to high altitude Himalayan valley and so on.

Here, we discuss each season of the trekking in the Manasalu region;

Spring season (March-May) in Manasalu circuit trek

Spring season is the pre-monsoon time in Nepal. In this season the weather is stable and clear. During the time flower are blooming along the way makes more beautiful and amazing travel.

The temperature will be mild neither too cold nor hot. Because of the good visibility, you had an amazing view of the mountain range.


The month is the beginning of the new season. You enjoy the clear and bright weather during the month of the spring season.

From the March start to blossom the rhododendron and trekking trail will be colorful.

This is one of the perfect seasons of the Manaslu circuit trek. The cool and calm weather reflects the beauty of nature. Here you can enjoy the blue sky and warm days.

In this time temperature will be around 2-8 degrees Celsius.

Lower region weather is warm and clear during day time. Even in Himalayan altitude no colder and very pleasant weather makes a beautiful journey.


April is the best month for the high altitude trekking in Nepal. Because of the stable weather, it is more preferable to trek and hike to the mountains.

So the trekking trail is full of crowed of the traveler. Along the alpine region blooming the wildflower and rhododendron makes the astonishing view of nature.

In April nature provide the inspiring view of the Himalayan range. The tea houses are full of a traveler along the way, so you must pre-book the accommodation. Otherwise, you may not find an easy room.


May is the month of spring season ends. You can see the few amounts of blooming flower of rhododendron. The day’s temperature getting warmer and hot. The temperature will be rising 20 degrees Celsius in lower elevation. Even in altitude no colder and warmer environments.

However, the month of May weather is clear and good visibility of mountain ranges. This month’s traveler will lesser than the April and March.

Advantage of spring season trek in Manasalu circuit 

  • Clear visibility and pleasant weather
  • A warm and cool temperature
  • Blossoming the wildflower and rhododendrons in white, yellow, pink, red
  • You had an amazing journey because of the many friends mate from a different country.

Autumn season in Manasalu circuit trek

Autumn is another peak season of the trekking in Nepal. The post-monsoon brings clear and stable weather. The temperature is warm and stable, clear skies became an amazing day and nights reflect the clear view of Himalayan peaks.

Well in Nepal celebrated the greatest festival Dashain and Tihar during the time, you had an opportunity to experience the Nepali traditional culture.

The season begins with the fresh air and greenery around the trek because of the previously finished with the rainy season. The climate will be stable because of the clear and warm temperature of the trekking route. So we prefer the best time to go Manasalu circuit trek.


September is the beginning of the autumn season. The weather is stable and beautiful but you have to conscious of the weather forecast. Generally, the monsoon will be going around mid of September.

During the September starts the crowed of the tourist along the trail. The month will come with wonderful and clear surroundings because of the clear weather.


October is the best month of autumn season trekking in the Himalayan region. We will enjoy the breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains. During the month a lot of tourists along the trail because of the best time to go in Manaslu circuit trek.

Generally, the month of October weather is stable and the perfect climate attracts plenty of tourists. This time you have to pre-book the accommodation because of the crowd of travelers.


The month of November is the end of the autumn season in Nepal. From September temperature will be getting lower than October and September. In the Himalayan region, the temperature will be decreased day to day below zero.

However, the view is equally beautiful and clear weather. Those who like to solo and pleasant trekking trail. From the mid-November lesser the tourist along the trek, it can be the best time to do a trek in the Manasalu circuit.

Advantage of the autumn season in Manasalu circuit trek

  • Mostly stable and clear weather condition
  • Amazing Warm and clear visibility climate zone
  • You had a great opportunity to participate greatest Dasnahi and Tihar festival in Nepal
  • Stunning view of sunrise and sunset in the Himalayan range
  • Diversity of flora and fauna along the trek
  • The trekking trail is safer because of the crowd of tourist

Winter season in Manasalu circuit trek

Winter season brings coldness in the Manaslu circuit trek. The winter temperature will be getting frizzing in the morning and night time around -20 to -25 degrees Celsius. But the lower region trek will be quite warmer than the high altitude trek. If the days are sunny the weather will be clear and warm.

Sometime fuggy days block the beauty of nature. However, you can take part in the winter season trek in the Manasalu circuit. If you are prepared fully season-wise arrangements of trekking equipment, the trek can be possible to experience the unique nature of the trekking trail.


December is the start of the winter season. Few numbers of tourists along the way. The upper part of the trek Sama and Samdo start people getting down part of the trail because of the cold. Few lodges are opened for the few guests.


The month has very cold weather but clear sky provides the snow-covered mountains. This time snowing along with the trial, so you must wear the crampons to save the slippery way of trekking.

Enough coldness of the climate, somebody may not pass the Larkye la because of the heavy snowing. Only a few people can make it the Manasalu circuit trek. You must bring warm clothes and sleeping bags, only a few numbers of tea houses are open along the trek.


February and January are the main months of the winter season. There were not any differences in the weather condition of these months. Maybe the heavy snow blocks the way of trekking. But snowing on the top of mountains looks crystal clear view of the Himalayan range. If you are planning in February you have to careful to bring winter oriented equipment for the treks.

Advantage of the winter season in Manasalu circuit trek

The cool temperature and clear days

  • Best view of snowcapped mountains
  • Less crowed of tourist
  • A pleasant walk along the trek
  • You can fun with snow

A disadvantage of the winter season in Manasalu circuit trek

  • The very cold temperature in the morning and night
  • Most tea houses are closed at a higher altitude and hard to find good accommodation
  • Heavy snowfall makes a difficult to trek
  • Low visibility of weather

The summer season in Manaslu circuit trek

Summer season is the rainy season in Nepal. The season starts from Jun and ends with August. At this time 80% of rainfall in the summer season in Nepal.

Due to the heavy rainfall difficult in the trek. The walking trail will be slippery, muddy and chance of landside along the lower part of the trekking trail.

Because of the rainy season, the trekking in Manaslu region is unfavorable. The cloudy and unpredictable climate conditions block the amazing view of the Himalayan region.

Continuously heavy rainfall decreased the temperature and humidity during the summer season. One thing is that the environment is full of free dust and surrounding covers the greenery along the trek.

You will enjoy the Trail Mountains and cloud playing the hide and seek game. Because of the rain covers the mountains by the cloud and sometimes you will see the crystal clear mountains.

This time also no more crowed of the trekkers. Sometime you will be amazed by the stunning view of nature and mountains after the few days of rain and stop it.


Jun is the official starting month of Monsoon season. The seasons offer the best view of nature. If you love to part of the rain, it will be the best time to experience nature and cool weather. The weather is getting humid and start to rainfall.

The lower valley is looking beautiful because of the greenery and impressive rainbows view along the trek. Very few numbers of trekkers along the way.



July is the month of a high chance of rain. Most of the days are rain but not for a long hour, it will sooner disrepair.

Despite the monsoon, the fresh air, and blooming wildflower make a worth hike along the trip.



This is not the best month for the trekking in Manaslu circuit. However, it is not the bad month of trekking. Only a few numbers of trekkers along the trail. You will have an amazing experience of different season trekking in the Manasalu circuit.

Advantage of Monsoon season in Manaslu circuit 

  • Almost greenery along the trek like forest, hill, frame terrace
  • Opportunity to explore wildlife spots
  • Less traffic on the trekking trail
  • Clear weather if not a rainy day.

A disadvantage of Monsoon season in Manaslu circuit

  • Unpredictable rainy and cloudy weather
  • Wet and sleepy walking trail
  • An infestation of leeches, mosquitoes
  • Chance of landside and avalanches
  • Remain rainy few days more
  • Few numbers of tea houses are open and very hard to find accommodation


Some tips for the Manaslu circuit trek

I highly recommend the spring and autumn season for the Manasalu circuit trek. If you are looking unique experience of the winter and monsoon season, you can take part in it.

The Manaslu trek is also the altitude trek, so you have to trek strength and physically prepared the trek. The trekking trail starts from the lower part of altitude, it will help to acclimatization new environments.

Proper arrangements of the trekking gears as per the season demands. You have to bring warm and comfortable clothes for the trek. We cannot predict the Himalayan weather, so you have to bring warm as well as waterproof trekking equipment.

Always you have plenty of water to drink from the dehydration in altitude walking

Smoking and drinking alcohol is not recommended in the Himalayan region trek. It makes the worse condition of health for the altitude sickness

Final thoughts 

If you are planning the best time to go Manasalu circuit trek is spring and autumn is the perfect season. The weather and temperature will be stable and clear to the view of amazing nature, landscape and the Himalayan range. You had an outstanding experience during the seasons.

The Manasalu region trek is one of the authentic traditional beauty of Nepali culture and lifestyle. Another attraction of the trek is the diversity of flora and fauna.

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