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Annapurna Base camp trek
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  • May 29, 2020
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Trekking in Nepal in January

You might be asked trekking in Nepal in January is possible?

Yet, trekking in Nepal in January with proper preparation is possible.

Nepal has offered the world the highest Mount Everest. It has offered various trekking routes and packages, which is a paradise of the earth. During January most of the trekking trail covered by the snow and it makes the majestic views of snow-capped mountains.

January is the coldest month of the winter season.  The temperature is gradually drop-down heading towards the higher elevation of the trek. Sometime you may have difficulty with high pass trek because of heavy snowfall along the trek. Most of the trekking routes covered by the snow the trekking trail make slippery and wet.

Trekking in Nepal in January is the best month for those who are looking challenging and adventurous journey. It is possible with proper preparation and determination is absolutely doable. If you are professional and experience you can do at the time of January month of trekking in Nepal.

It doesn’t mean you have to trek in a higher altitude trek in Nepal.  Thus can choose lower elevation of the trek below 4000m altitude in January.

During January the temperature of the lower elevation trek is sunny and warm. So you can do easy and short lower elevation trek. Plus, lower elevation trek is possible for all age group of people.

The major highlights of the trek during January are crystal clear snowcapped mountains.

This is the best time to visit the Himalayas because of the clear skies and beautiful mountains. January is the off-season trek in Nepal and few trekkers along the way. It means you have a peaceful trek.

Trekking in Nepal in January easy access to accommodation and affordable prices. You have budget-friendly service during January trek.



Trekking in Nepal in January Weather

Trekking in Nepal in January Highlights

Best Trekking Trail in January in Nepal

  • Everest View Trek
  • Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
  • Mardi Himal trek
  • Dhampush-Saraankot Trek
  • Langtang Valley Trek
  • Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

Pros and Cons of Trekking in Nepal in January

Tips for Trekking in Nepal in January



Trekking in Nepal in January: weather

January is the winter month in Nepal. This is the coldest month in Nepal. During this time freezing weather in higher altitude trek.  Cold wind and snowfall make colder weather in the Himalayan region.

In January the night and morning time is colder than the day time. Sometime there may be the temperature can reach high as 25°C and as low as -20°C within 24 hours.

In the Himalayan region during January, the maximum temperature around 2°C and minimum temperature -6°C with an average temperature of -2°C in the Lukla region.

The average rainfall in January being 21mm in the Kathmandu area. And 30mm at Pokhara and the surrounding region.

Overall the weather is clear with blue skies and very little cloud. But sunny days reflect the crispy views of landscapes, mountains, and the vegetation.



Trekking in Nepal in January: Highlights

Trekking in Nepal in January is an opportunity to celebrate New Year and Christmas you never had before. You can witness the Nepali way of celebration during your stay. After the trek you can explore the city areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara enjoy and celebration plying good music.

Besides, January is the cold season. However, you are fall in love with a beautiful nature. Nepal has offered the majestic views of Mountains, mysterious forest and biodiversity.

Likewise, January is the off-season. Along the trek few trekkers along the trek. So if you are looking pleasant and peaceful trekking trail. It will be the perfect time to travel in Nepal.


Best Trekking Trail in January in Nepal

Nepal has various opportunities to experience in Himalayan region trekking packages as per the different season based. However, it is somehow difficult and challenging aspect during freezing season trek.  But you will get an amazing and unique experience of your great effort.

Not all trekking trail in the Himalayan region is difficult.  If you are planning trekking in Nepal in January, you can choose the trekking region and trail, which are some of them listed below;


Everest View Trek

Maximum Elevation: 3,870 meters

Trek Duration: 5 to 8 days

Everest view trek is the short and moderate trail in Everest region. The trek offers an exotic view of Mount Everest and many other mountain peaks without reaching a too high altitude.

The Everest view trek provides the introduction of the Sherpa culture and lifestyle.

Everest view trek starts from the scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Than trekking trail flow the Dudh Khosi River and many more villages and reached to Namche Bazaar. Along the trail you enjoy the beautiful surroundings of greenery forest and snowcapped mountains.

During this trek you will experience the beauty and biodiversity of Sagarmatha national park. Here you will understand the Sherpa culture and climbing experience of the world’s highest Mt Everest. You had a great opportunity to views the Everest mountain range from the world’s highest elevation Everest views hotel.

And January is the best time to Everest view trek, you can get the mesmerizing views of snowcapped mountains. Since it is below 4000m the weather is bearable with proper clothing.

Trips Highlights

  • Scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.
  • Explore the richly diverse culture of Sherpa People
  • You will enjoy the green lush forest, Villages, River, alpine farmland, and diverse landscape
  • Visit Namche Bazar, cheese factory and Sagarmatha national park
  • Stunning views from Everest viewpoint hotel
  • Remarkable views of Mt Everest, Lhotse, Thamserku, Ama Dablam, etc.
  • Explore the biodiversity of the Everest region trek, etc.


Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Maximum Elevation: 3,210 meters

Trek Duration: 5 to 7 days

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is the best trekking destination in January in the Annapurna region. This is a lower elevation trek and perfect for the winter season trek.

The trek takes you to the foothill of Annapurna region. It offers spectacular sunrise views of the Himalayan region. You can enjoy the outstanding views of Mount Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and other snow-capped peaks as well.

Ghorepani Poon hill trek start from the beautiful city Pokhara drive to Nayapool. On this trek, you will experience the diverse landscape, villages, green lush forest, and terraced farmland. Also you can encounter the different ethnic cultures and Lifestyle along the trek.

This is an easy and short trek, any age group of people can take part in this trek. The maximum elevation is Poon Hill 3210m from the sea level. And there is no risk of altitude sickness, you can complete a couple of days.

Due to the short and mild altitude, Ghorepani poon hill is the perfect destination during January.

Trip Highlights

  • Short and sweet trekking trail in Annapurna region
  • Stunning sunrise and sunset from the Poon hill
  • Enjoy the breathtaking 360 views of Mt Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, Himchuli and many more
  • Explore the lifestyle and culture of Gurungs and Magars
  • Walking through the pleasant trekking trail
  • Explore the diversity of flora and fauna along the trail


Mardi Himal Trek

Maximum Elevation: 4,500 meters

Trek Duration: 5 to 8 days

Mardi Himal trek is a newly opened popular trekking trail in Annapurna conservation. It is a rich and diverse trekking route in Nepal.

The Mardi Himal trek starts from the Phedi and continuously moves forward Mardi Himal base camp. The trekking trail passes through mostly green lush forest, rocky mountain terrain, and several base camp. You can enjoy the astonishing views of Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre, and Annapurna South. You will also witness the beautiful valleys, mixed ethnic culture, and biodiversity.

Along the trek you will enjoy the sunrise and sunset views from a different viewpoint.

The tea houses of Mardi Himal trek is very basic. They offer the common accommodation service and limited choice of the meal.

The temperature is very cold during the trek but you enjoy the views of snowy trekking trail with a snowcapped mountain range. But the skies are very clear and offers the amazing beauty of nature.

Trip Highlights

  • Trekking trail across through the local villages, farmlands, rice terraces, stunning hills, and mountains.
  • Magnificent sunrise and sunset views from numerous viewpoints
  • Enjoy the outstanding views of Machhapuchhre, Mt. Hiunchuli, and the Annapurna South and massif.
  • Explore the diversity of flora and fauna
  • Enjoy the hospitality and warm tea houses service


Dhampush Sarankot Trek

Maximum Elevation: 1,600 meters

Trek Duration: 2 days

Dhampush Sarankot trek is the short and easy trek from the Pokhara. The treks offer an opportunity to explore the culture and lifestyle of a remote village in Nepal. It also offers scenic views of diverse landscapes, green forests, paddy fields, villages, and the stunning Himalayan range.

This short trek provides the outstanding views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain range from the Dhampush Sarankot trek. These are the two famous viewpoints near the beautiful city Pokhara. Plus, you will enjoy the sunrise and sunset views from Dhampush and Sarankot’s viewpoint. From Sarankot you will enjoy the views of paragliding adventure. This is the spot of Paragliding.

Dhampush Sarankot trek is the lower elevation trek in the Annapurna region. However, during the January temperature is cold but you are not suffering like a higher elevation trek.

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the beautiful city Pokhara and Fewa Lake
  • Enjoy the sunrise and sunset views from the Dhampush and Nagarkot
  • Explore the Dhampush village, culture, and lifestyle
  • Enjoy the stunning views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, Fishtail, and massif.


Langtang Valley Trek

Maximum Elevation: 3,830 meters

Trek Duration: 7 to 10 days

Langtang valley trek is a relatively easy and short trekking trail from Kathmandu valley. It gives you an opportunity to explore the beauty of nature and high altitude snow-capped mountain range.

The trek pass through the various geographical location in Langtang valley. The trek starts from Syabrubesi which is 117KM away from the Kathmandu.

Besides, the trekking trail passes through the green lush forest, villages, river, waterfall, and under the stunning views of mountains. Also this trek introduces Buddhist culture and tradition with ancient monastery along the trek.

The Langtang valley trek offers the spectacular view of Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Ri, and Langtang Lirung.  You can also trek to Tserko Ri at 5,000 m, this the highest point of the trek. You can see the sunrise views. And you can also visit ancient monastery Kyanjin Gompa and explore the beauty of nature.

On this trek, you will be passing through the Langtang national park, where you can explore the biodiversity of the Langtang region. As you also walk through the Yak grazing meadow and Yak cheese factory. And you can test the local cheese and visit how they make it.

During January, you will experience the warm and sunny days. The views are often clear and good visibility of more than 80%.  However you will get somehow cold weather along the trek.

Trip highlights

  • Explore the Langtang national park and biodiversity
  • Witness Tamang culture and visit the old Tibetan villages
  • Splendid views of Langtang, Ganesh mountain range
  • Enjoy the great hospitality of local people
  • Visit ancient Buddhist monastery and enjoy the sunrise views


Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

Maximum Elevation: 2,100 meters

Trek Duration: 2 Days

Chisapani Nagarkot trek is the short and sweet trekking trail from Kathmandu. The trek starts from the Sundarijal. It flows trekking routes through the Shivapuri National park. The trekking trail passes through the cool shade, green forest, and beautiful surrounding sceneries.

Trekking trail mostly flows the forest and few settlements arrive at Chisapani.  This is the mixed settlements of Brahmin, Chetri, Gurungs, Sherpas. The trek offers the majestic mountain views of Jungle, Ganesh Himal, Lantang, Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Shankar, and many more mountain peaks.

Nagarkot is another attraction of the Chisapani Nagarkot trek. Both are the viewpoint of the Himalayan region in Nepal. Here you enjoy the sunrise and sunset views of the mountain range. From the Nagarkot you can explore Mt Everest if a day’s clear and sunny.

Chisapani provides common tea houses service.  But in Nagarkot, it can available as per the budget of your choice. It is available luxurious to common accommodation service.

During January the weather is cold and humid while walking you will chilling. But you enjoy the amazing views of nature and the Himalayan range.

Trip highlights

  • Amazing views of the surrounding trail
  • Enjoy the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views
  • Explore the flora and fund along the trek
  • Experience the outstanding views of Mt Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Gaurishanakr, and many more mountain peaks.

Annapurna base camp trek

Pros and cons of trekking in Nepal in January


Peaceful and Pleasant Trekking Trail

If you are looking peaceful and pleasant trekking trail month of January will be a perfect time. This is the off-season trekking in Nepal. Along the trekking trail few trekkers. At that time you have sufficient time to explore the beauty of nature and the Himalayan range. Nobody will disturb your peaceful journey.

However, trekking in lower altitudes offers pleasant and mild weather, which makes the beautiful journey.

Easier go up and Trail and Explore

The winter trek is more enjoyable than the summer walk. If you carefully trek in the snowy trail you can easily walk without worry uneven, rough, or difficult terrain.  You don’t need to worry about heat and humidity. However, you have to walk carefully and proper preparation for planning the winter season trek.

Spectacular Views

January is the snowy winter season trekking in Nepal. And you enjoy the beauty of snow-capped mountains, ice formation, and a beautiful frozen lake.

During this time it offers amazing views of beautiful surroundings, a dramatic landscape with mountains. Because of the pleasant weather reflect the beauty nature is heavenly views of the earth. Walking with beautiful nature and having an outstanding surrounding of the trek.


Another benefit is an encounter with the wildlife along the trekking trail. Because of the less number of tourist trekking trail is pleasant and wild animals can walk freely. This is a great opportunity to get the views of wildlife along the trek.

No Bug

Winter season offers cold temperatures and weather. So in this time buzzing, biting, annoying insects and bugs will disappear. Thus will not suffers from such kind of insect.



Freezing Weather

Yes, January is the winter season and off curse it will offer the cold weather. Too cold weather means your body will be freezing. So you need to bring warm clothes for the winter season trek.

If you are heading higher elevation you will be suffering from the cold weather. Otherwise you will not suffer much if you are doing lower elevation trek.

Therefore you have to bring a layer of warm clothes for the winter season trek. More layers of clothes affected on your walking pace.

Heavier Backpack

In January trek requires more trekking equipment than another season because of the cold weather. You have to bring a layer of warm clothes for the higher altitude trek. Also, you have to bring some energy food which is need for the trek. Thus it will make your backpack will be heavier and hard to carry on the trek.

Less Day Light

Winter season days are sorter. During winter season Sunlight lasts for roughly 7-10 hours. So you have to start your journey early in the morning.  And sometimes you have to walk with the headlamp because of the shorter days. To make a safe and enjoyable journey you have to bring a reliable source of light.

Water Resources maybe Frozen

Another thing is that during the winter season trek you may encounter the limited availability of drinking water. Due to the extreme cold the water resources will be frozen.

So make sure and plan your trip with proper preparation of the winter season trek. However you can keep a stove and some fuel to melting snow for the access of water along the higher altitude trek.


Tips for Trekking in Nepal IN January

  • During January the days are quite shorter. So you have to start your journey early in the morning.
  • Hire a trekking guide. If you are trekking alone it will be dangerous for the higher elevation trek in winter. You may suffer from the heavy snowfall along the trek. Are you planning the higher altitude but highly recommend the guide and porter service.
  • Bring the necessary arrangement of the corresponding particular trekking trail. Such as warm hiking boots, snowshoes, trekking poles, crampons, etc.
  • Always prepared the unexpected situation in higher altitude trek. Don’t be panic mentally and physically strong cop of the difficult situation.
  • Bring plenty of water for the walk. It will helps your body hydrated and physically better performance in higher altitude trek.
  • Having regular energy and hygienic food for the trek. High caloric food will help your body keep warm for a long time after exhausting winter treks. Keep your mind while planning the winter season trek.
  • There are various trekking trails in Nepal. If you are planning a higher altitude trek like Everest Base Camp Trek or Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, January will not the best month. It is better to choose lower altitude trek like Mardi Himal, or Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, etc.
  • If you are planning in January at the higher altitude trek temperature drop below 0°C. So, you need to bring an extra layer of warm clothes.



Trekking in Nepal in January is the perfect time with proper preparation of trekking gears as per the winter season. Otherwise it will very difficult and challenging to trek in higher elevation.

Most of the trekkers choose peak season spring and autumn season trekking in Nepal. However if you are looking for a peaceful and pleasant trek January will be the best. It means most of the trekking trail is less crowded with few trekkers. And tea houses provide the best service and discount offers for the accommodation service.

You will enjoy and fun along the pleasant trekking trail.

If you are not feeling good with cold weather do not join the higher altitude and high pass trek. Therefore, trekking in lower altitude it will be a perfect choice during January trek.

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Namaste from the lap of Himalayan country Nepal!!!



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