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Manaslu Trek
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  • July 19, 2019
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Unique Manaslu Region Trek in Nepal

Manasalu (8163m/26782ft) is the eighth highest mountain in the world from the sea level. It is situated in the Manasiri Himal range part of the west center in Nepal. The word Manaslu comes from Sanskrit Manasa, which means “Mountain of the spirit.” Unique Manaslu Region Trek in Nepal is an opportunity to pure delight away from the noisy confined at a modern world.

Manasalu circuit trekking is one of the unspoiled /untouched by modernization and commercialization. While starting a trekking trail, we had a great chance to Aquent with the unique traditional culture and lifestyle of the people. This trekking trail encounters a very different experience to the trekker from the Mount Everest and Annapurna region. Manaslu is the ancient trekking trail along the way, you will enjoy the authentic Nepali culture and hospitality service.

Manaslu is the restricted area trekking trail. This trek needs a special permit to enter into the Manaslu conservation area. The trail flows the ancient salt trading route along the Budi GANDAKI River. Some of the villages reflect the typical lifestyle of Nepali tradition like; Lho, Sama, Samdo.

When was this trekking trail open for the foreigner 1991, this time only possible camping trek? You have to read all the things while starting the trek, all necessary document meal, tent for cooking, sleeping, toilet and store our elements and cloth during the trek. It makes more enjoyable because of our team and we can make our adventurous journey memorable and lifetime. Nowadays very easy our destination because of the tea house and we can get every kind of facility even at a higher altitude.

Because of the 2015 April, 12 devastating earthquake collapse many more houses and lodges in this region but now all rebuilt and workout as before.

 Unique Manaslu Region Trek in Nepal is the complete adventurous and real journey in the sense of traditional village lifestyle, culture, and art of our forefather. Thus Manaslu is the variation of the other region trekking in Nepal.

Feature of Unique Manaslu Region Trek in Nepal

  • Amazing culture, nature, and landscape
  • Untouched by the modernity
  • Less crowed /traveler
  • Organic food and friendly manner
  • Spectacular view of the mountain range
  • Ancient Buddhist monastery
  • Tibetan culture and lifestyle
  • Test home-stay/ local lodge
  • The trail passing through the typical Nepali village, many more small and big rivers, waterfall with nature.

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