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Lantang Valley trek
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  • March 27, 2020
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Langtang Valley Trek in Spring 

The Lantang Valley Trek in Spring (March-May) is a scenic walk with enjoyable majestic views of high Himalayan land. During the season along the trekking trail blooming the rhododendron and wildflower, which makes the amazing journey. This is an amazing wonderland of nature and cultural diversity in the Lantang region trek.

On Lantang valley trek, you will cross the pine trees, rhododendron, and Bamboo forest, rives with beautiful animals grazing meadows. The trek leads you through the Lantang national park, which is the habitat of rare and elusive Red Pandas.

Besides, you will see the best views of ancient Buddhist monastery Kyanjin Gompa, 3740m. The Lantang valley trek route is the ancient trademark to the Tibet. So the upper part of the Lantang valley trek route is inspired by Tibetan culture and lifestyle.

The Lantang national park is one of the attractions to the traveler. Here you will have an opportunity to explore the diversity of flora and fauna along the trek. Well, the snow-capped mountains like Langtang Lirung (7246m), Yala Peak (5500m), Naya Kangri (5846m) and Gangchhenpo (6388m) with enormous majestic Himalayan peaks.

In spring, you can get close and clear views of the Lantang Himalayan range with glaciers and stunning lakes of the valley.

During the spring, the valley trek offers the dramatic views of the Lantang Himalayan range. Here you had an amazing view of tallest peaks like Langtang, Lirung-Langtang Ri, etc. beautiful views along the trail.

Spring is the best time to climb a peak. Yala peaks and Naya Kang are the famous peaks in the Lantang region trek. So you will experience awe-inspiring trek in spring that comes true in your lifetime dream destination.

Adventure Alpine Gorkha Treks will help you to an organized amazing trip to Lantang valley trek.

Highlights of the Lantang valley trek

  • Awesome views of Lantang, Manaslu, Ganesh, and Jugul Himal along the trek
  • Walkthrough the Lush-green forests of bamboo, oak
  • Enjoy the colorful trekking trail blooming the rhododendron and wildflower during the spring season
  • Stunning and clear views of Dorje Lakpa, Ganjala Range, Khemjung Glacier
  • Explore the Lantang village, Kanjin Monastery
  • Find the diversity of flora and fauna along the trek
  • Explore Lantang national park
  • Remarkable hike to Tserko Ri
  • Warm hospitality service provide by the Lantang valley tea houses
  • Spectacular views of Langtang Valley, waterfalls and several suspension bridges
  • The attraction of the wildlife like Red Panda, Langur, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Bear, etc.

Lantang Valley trek

How is the weather of Lantang valley trek in spring?

Spring is one of the perfect times to travel in the Himalayan region trek in Nepal. It brings the warm and pleasant weather in Lantang valley trek. The season reflects the beauty of amazing nature with the joyful environment of our surroundings. Thus spring season brings a stable and calm climate.

It’s time to blooming wildflower and rhododendron along the trekking trail. While you are in the trekking trail you will be amazed by the chirping birds makes a journey more fun and enjoyable. The trek begins from the lower elevation with the beauty of the green forest as well as the typical Nepali culture and lifestyle. You can enjoy the stunning mountain vistas like the Lantang mountain range.

Weather and temperature in March

The spring season starts in March. You will feel the mixture of the winter and spring season and test the different weather conditions in Lantang valley trek. The coldness still teasing until mid-month of March. However, the temperature will be warmer day by day. But early morning and night still cold, it can be bearable.

The temperature will be around in the Lantang region trek maximum 10 degrees Celsius. And the minimum temperature will be around 5 degrees Celsius at Kyangjin in Lantang valley trek. The month of March offers clear and spectacular views of the entire Lantang valley trek. There are no chances of precipitation. Along the trail makes a more attractive by the tiny buds of rhododendron forest with clear blue sky.

Weather and temperature in April

Yet, April is the best month of the spring season. It offers the amazing beauty of nature with stable weather. The days will become warmer and dry with the pleasant condition of weather. April brings the perfect weather and colorful journey.

April is hotter than March. Because of sunny days became hotter and dryer days during the April month. In April the temperature will be around 8-12 degrees Celsius during a day. But it will drop down morning and night weather still cold.

The mild and warm weather makes a journey more enjoyable and memorable along the Lantang valley trek.

During April there is no rain and snow. So you will enjoy viewing the green hills, astonishing and crystal clear Himalayan range.

Weather and temperature in May

May is the last month of the spring season. This is the hottest month of spring season trek. You will enjoy the blooming flowers and clear majestic views Himalayan range.

At the higher altitude Kanjin Gomba, the day time temperature will be around 12 degrees Celsius. As we look upon the minimum temperature will be zero degrees Celsius. However, the temperature will be around 20 degrees Celsius in the lower elevation of the Lantang valley trek.

Besides, best views of nature, landscape, high Himalayan range with awesome colorful mountain hills. The last of the month started to monsoon season, you can test the unique beauty of nature. Thus the month of May also the best time to visit Lantang valley.

Why are you choose the Lantang valley trek in spring?

Most Favorable weather and temperature

Spring is the second popular trekking season in Nepal. The weather is perfect to travel. The temperature is pleasing to walk. Calm and pleasant weather became a comfortable walk-in day time. Most of the tea houses are open for the hospitality service. Also, clear weather and blue sky reflect the awesome views of natural beauty.

Stunning Himalayan views

Spring season is the perfect time to explore the high Himalayan range. From the Kyanjin Gomba offering the magnificent views of Langtang Lirung with many more snow-covered mountains peaks. Because of the clear weather reflect the amazing time to explore the stunning Himalayan views.

Lush green forest

While walking through the Lantang valley trek, you are passing through the lush green forest. Spring is the time to blooming rhododendron and wildflower along the trek. So, you will enjoy the beautifully colorful and nice smelling fragrance while walking on the trail. Also, the forest has oaks, bamboo, and other vegetation. During the spring trek, you have a feeling of peace and pleasant walk between green lush forests.

Diversity of wildlife

The Lantang valley trek passes through the Lantang national park. This park is the habitat of diverse animals. Along the trek, you will see the variety of wildlife like red panda, Himalayan Tahr, ghoral, wild deer, common langur, pika, and black bear, etc. The Lantang National park has to endanger animals, which is the Red Panda habitat. If you are lucky, you had can see along the trail. So spring will be the best time to explore the wildlife in Lantang valley trek.

Less number of a tourist than the other region trekking trail

Spring is the second best trekking season in Nepal. So, you will not find a tourist along a trail like an autumn season. However, in Nepal, there are many more options to trek in the high Himalayan range. But the Lantang valley trek is not a crowed like an Annapurna base camp trek and Everest base camp trek. So, you will enjoy the less crowded trekking trail with a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Yala cheese factory 

Langtang valley trek is popular the yak cheese. Along the trek, you will find the local cheese factory. Here you can test the real local cheese. Langtang national park is the factory of wildlife across the trekking trail. The place is naturally beautiful. This is a clear and beautiful atmosphere

Lantang Valley trek

The difficulty of Lantang valley trek in spring

The Lantang valley trek is a moderate and enjoyable trail. The trek offers the exploration of Lantang national park. Because of the easy trekking trail. If you are a beginner you can part of this Lantang valley trek. You have to walk 4-5 hours per day depends upon your time frame or itinerary.

For the Lantang valley trek, you can use a diverse trekking route. It will depend upon your time frame. The trekking trail passes through the rocky and narrower trail with the ascending and descending hills. However, the spring season trekking trail is less difficult than the winter and monsoon season trek.

Mosely, Lantang valley trek passing through the easy path. If you are physically fit and strong. It can easily accomplish the journey. You will enjoy the natural beauty by recollecting the adventurous journey in your lifetime memory. The trek can be done by any age group of people if you determine your destination. The Langtang valley trek is a beautiful and easy trekking trail. So it attracts each of the travelers to motivate the guest to recommend any other interest traveler for the altitude trek.

Although the Langtang valley trek is not a difficult trekking trail. There is also the risk of altitude sickness. If you have proper care about the acclimatization and train your body to walk. It will help to reduce the problem of altitude sickness. You have to drink plenty of water with slow and sufficient rest to walk in higher altitudes.

Accommodation in Lantang valley trek in spring 

Spring is the peak season of trekking in Lantang valley. During the spring season along the trail, all the tea houses are open for the guest service. The tea houses provide twin sharing accommodation. Spring is the main season of the trekking. So you have to pre-book the accommodation otherwise sometimes difficult to find a nice room for the rest.

The tea houses provide comfortable rooms with a few numbers of lodges that can find an attached bathroom. However many tea houses with sharing washroom service. You will find accommodation easily at a lower elevation. But in higher elevation only a few numbers of the tea houses are available.

A meal in Lantang valley trek in spring

The Lantang valley trek, there is a tea house along the trail, they provide meal and drinking service. Almost tea house is open for the guest service in the spring season.

Along the trek, the tea houses provide the menu to quit the basic level of food items. The menu includes some basic local food with international cushion. You can enjoy Nepali traditional food, which more energetic and hygienic. You test the Nepali typical food f Dal-Bhat-Tarkari (Dal-Bhat power 23 hours one-hour toilet and shower). The tea houses provide seasonal vegetables, which gives you the real test.

The tea houses also provide a variety of drink services. You have a choice for the tea (Lemon, Ginger, Honey, and milk, black) with coffee. They also provide soft drinks, bottles of water, hot water, and flavored drinks, etc.

For the higher elevation trek, you have to have soup items food like mushroom and local garlic soup form the local product. It will help you to overcome the high altitude sickness.

Spring is the peak season of the trek. So, sometimes you have to stay in the queue for the meal. Because the trekking trail is overcrowded by the tourist. If you arrived early in the hotel and pre-book the meal. You don’t need to stay in the queue.

Physical fitness and experience

The Lantang region trek is the moderate level of trekking destination in Nepal. The trek can be done at all levels of trekkers. Sometimes, you have to walk only having a cup of tea for 3-4 hours a day.

Walking is a quite challenging part of the trek in higher altitude than the lower elevation trek. You have practice daily to walk for an hour, it will help to develop the stamina to accomplish the Lantang valley trek. If you take part in any other high altitude trek like Everest base camp and Annapurna circuit, it will not be difficult to trek.

Those who are physically healthy and strong, anybody can attempt and accomplish the Lantang valley trek. For this trek, you will not need any technical skills. You have a strong determination and positive thinking about the altitude trek.

If you are suffering from lungs and heart problem the trek will be more challenging and difficult to take part in. You have to consult with a doctor before starting a trek.


Without trekking staff in Lantang valley trek in spring

In Langtang valley trek you can be possible solo or group trekking. This high season trek with trekking staff benefits from walking with the theme. Adventure Alpine Gorkha Treks will provide the experience, professional and licensed local trekking guide for the trek. The guide will provide all the information regarding the trekking region as well as Nepali culture and lifestyle. It will help to behave how to talk and respond to their questions answer. You can easily distinguish all the flora and fauna along the trek.

During the spring season a lot of tourists along the trek. If you are a solo traveler or without porter guided service, very hard to find easily accommodation and rooms. Trekking staff will help you to orgies the accommodation and meal along the Himalayan region trek.

Hireling a porter is helpful to the beginner trekker in the high Himalayan range. The porter will help you to bring your heavy loaded bag packs. Without any burden, you can easily and fun way to accomplish your adventurous holiday.

The trekking company and staff will suggest what should be carried for the spring season or not. And porter helps to reduce your heavyweight makes a journey memorable and enjoyable for the lifetime.

Packing list 

Before starting a trip you have to conform whether you have proper management of the trekking gears as per the seasonal demand. You had to think about the weather and temperature condition of the trekking region and then packing accordingly. In Kathmandu you can rent or buy something, you don’t bring from your home country. Here we listed some necessary items for the Lantang valley trek.

Basic Accessories

Waterproof trekking bag with a day-pack

Trekking Poles

Sleeping Bags (-10 high-altitude trekking)

Hiking boots, Trekking socks, and Gloves

Down Jacket, Shell Jacket, Thermals

Windproof, Windproof trekking trousers and jackets

Stretchable underwear

First Aid Kits with common medicines

Water purifiers/ purification tablets, Hand Sanitizes

Sunglasses, Headscarf, sunscreen and lip balm

Toilet Paper, Sanitary soap

Quick-drying towel

Personal accessories






Tips for the Lantang Valley trek in spring

  • At first, choose the best season for the trek. Spring will be the perfect time to trek in Lantang valley.
  • Don’t walk fast, walk slowly and steady with having a rest as you need
  • In spring most of the days are sunny. Drink plenty of water, which helps your body hydrated. You will walk mostly under the hot sun.
  • Bag back your warm cloths but it will not be heavyweight. Lightweight trekking gears.
  • May be rain during starting and ending the spring season. So you have to bring waterproof Backpacks and clothes
  • To protect from the sunray, you have to bring sunglasses, sunhats, sunscreen, etc.
  • You have to have hygienic and energetic food for the higher elevation trek
  • Hire a trekking guide and porter
  • Bring some energy bars and dry food for the loge hike and if you are hungry along the trek
  • Don’t smoke and drink alcohol
  • Make fun of your adventurous travel etc.



The spring season is more suitable to trek in Lantang valley. You will walk through the moderate temperature and weather reflect the amazing beauty of high Himalayan peaks. So this is the ideal season for the exploration of diverse flora and fauna.

During the spring season, pleasant weather makes a journey more enjoyable and memorable. Nature makes the astonishing views ever to trek.

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