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  • November 1, 2019
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Everest base camp trek best time to go

Everest (8848m/29000 ft.) is the world’s highest mountain from the sea level. It lies in the Khumbu Region in Solukhabbu district in Nepal. Here are the many more mountain and peaks, that shows the beauty of nature. Many people want to visit this region for the outstanding landscape of the Himalayan region, as well as Sherpa culture and lifestyle. 

Everest base camp trek best time to go from the last of September to November and March to May. These are the primary trekking season in the Everest region; the weather was so clear and bright to the view of the mountain range as well as nature.

Everest base camp trek offers awesome adventure world highest Himalayas passing through the Sherpa village, charming forest, Buddhist monastery, and eye witnessing the view of nature.

Mainly autumn season (September to November) and spring season (March to May) are the best seasons for the Everest base camp trekking. During this month weather became clear and impressive to the view of the mountain.

You will have an opportunity to capture the astonishing view of Mount Everest, Mt.Cho Oyu, Mt. Lhotse, Amadablam and many more peaks along the way. 

Higher altitude trekking may not be predicted because of the weather any time changes.

Off-season trekking in Everest base camp trek also sometimes good view because of the clear weather. Summer season (June to August) is the rainy season in Nepal. We could not get a good picture because of the raining comes around the cloud and low visibility of the landscape and mountain range. 

Winter season begins from December to February. It is the cold season and higher altitude freezing weather, maybe some time snowing makes a crystal clear mountain range view became a nice.

We could not predict the mountain weather; any time may change. So you have to choose the best season for trekking. We will help to provide better service and information to our guests. Please contact us, and we are happy to provide a service.

Some reason for Everest base camp trek

Heading to the world highest mountain

Everest base camp and Kala Patar offering a magical Himalayan view 

Explore Sherpa culture and lifestyle

Visit an ancient Buddhist monastery 

Trek through the stunning nature, landscape, Khumbu glacier and icefall

Explore the Sagarmatha national park

Popular adventurous trekking route in the globe

Safe trekking region as well as organic service provider accommodation 

The primary season of trekking in Everest base camp are:

Many tourists were looking for the best season trekking in the Himalayan range. So spring and autumn season will be the best time for the excellent view of the snowcapped mountain even in far from.

Here we talk about the Everest base camp trek best time to go as flowing.


Spring season in Everest base camp trek

The spring season weather became hotter because of the temperature getting warmer. The days mostly clear and our holiday will be fruitful because of the fantastic view of the landscape and nature. 

The average temperature in the day time is about 15 C and falling down -14 C.

Spring season is the blossoming the beautiful rhododendron trees forest. It is the perfect time to enjoy the adventurous trip. 

Spring is the best for the climbing season, and many more climbers went to climbing Mount Everest because the days are warm and bright. So you can get the opportunity to talk with the climber. 

You can bring a lightweight cloth. The weather is bright, warm, and sunny days with a fantastic view. During the season, the sky is clear and spectacular sight with the grand scenery you will amaze you.

Weather in the spring season

The spring season month are March, April, and May in Nepal. The season starts after the winter season, so weather became a wormer and clear view along the way to Everest base camp trek. The beginning of the season quite cold, and some day’s weather became a bad, but it will clear up day by day.

The approximate temperature of the day time in spring maximum 15 degrees Celsius and minimum may go -15 degrees Celsius. In this season, as far as the concern about the windy days and that became cold. Somehow it will hard to walk became freezing our hand and body. Otherwise, it will be the best time to trek in this region.

Spring season is the blooming season of the Rhododendron flower and many more flowers along the way that makes us a pleasant moment to walk. In Nepal, we can find different color Rhododendron flowers in the Himalayan range. It makes a pretty look and amazed at the traveler. So this is the spectacular season for the Everest base camp trek and another part of the Himalayan range in Nepal like; Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Manasalu trek, Lantang valley trek and much more trekking trail in Nepal.

Accommodation during the trek

Spring is also a high season of trekking in Everest base camp trek. So we have to pre-book while starting a trek. It will be easy to find a hotel. 

A lot of hotels in this region because of the peak season many tourists long the way. So we should think about it. They will provide a friendly service to the guest and focusing on the organic vegetable. You will feel far better about traveling here.

The attraction of the spring season trek

Perfect weather condition

Excellent view of world highest Mount Everest and many more peaks 

 Thrilling adventure with nature and ancient tradition 

Diverse lateral beauty and landscape

Clear and warm weather 

The local Sherpa culture and tradition 


Autumn season in Everest base camp trek

September to November is considered as an autumn season in Everest base camp trek. In the autumn season, Everest base camp trek offers the view of crystal unobstructed mountain with nature.

Autumn also the warmer season of the trek, you had a great time with surrounding, no more cold even in higher altitude.

The starting of the season can be draining, and raining may not be suitable for the view, and the last of the season became cold for the trekking and snowing at the mountain peaks.

Somehow autumn is the best trekking season on Everest reason trekking.

Weather In the autumn season 

The weather is very calm and pleasant during the autumn season. The clear sky makes our journey very comfortable and stunning view of nature and mountain.

In the day time, we are getting higher up the temperature and worm up our body. But evening and morning time will be cold not as much as winter season cold. The temperature varies during the day time 18 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius and evening, and morning time weather can be drop down 5 to -10 degrees Celsius.

You can bring Lightweight clothes; it will be ok for the trip, we don’t need to prepare as much as winter season arrangement although we have to bring one worm sleeping bag because of the peak season, maybe the problem of the blankets on the tea house.

Accommodation and food 

Everest base camp trek along the way plenty of tea houses, and they will provide organic service. This is the high season, and many tourists were traveling on the way. So sometimes very hard to find a room and we have to share it with other clients.

We must occupy while starting our journey.

Physical condition 

A physically active and healthy person can trek on Everest base camp. You don’t need to worry about the difficulty of the trekking route if you are mentally dedicated to the adventurous journey. 

If you have experience and practice for the trek, but it will help you to trek at a higher altitude, and you may not face the problem.

“No risk no gain” thus, every difficulty level teaches us how to overcome the situation.

Guide porter service

Adventure Alpine Gorkha Treks will provide guest-oriented service. If you hire a guide and porter for the trek, it will significantly support the Everest base camp trek. They were experienced and knowledgeable for the higher altitude trekking, and they will provide information and help. 

We cannot predict the Himalayan climate. If you have any problem, you had great support from them. So we had like to suggest our client, please consult with us, and we would like to go through as much as a convenient and comfortable trek.   

The attraction of Everest base camp trek in autumn

Stable weather condition 

Eyewitness view of the mountain range 

Bright and sunny days because of the warm weather 

Season of the greenery looks fantastic landscape and nature

Diverse flora and fauna 

The local Sherpa people cultural ceremony 

Mani Rimdu festival in ancient monastery like; Tengboche monastery Khumjung monastery

Explore the Sagarmatha national park; it also categorized in the world heritage site.


Off-season trekking in Everest base camp

Generally, in Nepal, we have divided two times a year peak season and two-time off-season trekking in the Himalayan range. Although, who are nature lovers, they prefer to adventure in Himalaya in Nepal. Somehow we could do Everest base camp trek during offseason. Because we could not predict the Himalayan climate. So we can enjoy nature and view it at this time. Who wants to solo trek, it will be the best time to trek in Everest base camp.

Best season time a lot of tourists along the way and they could not get a chance to courteous service. Thus this time will be the best for the nature lover and close view of the environment. 


Winter in Everest base camp trek

Winter is the snowing season in Everest base camp trek. The winter season starts from December until February. During the time, the weather was so cold because of the snowing and cold wind from the mountain.

The unfavorable weather condition traveler makes it challenging to trek at higher altitudes.

Summer in Everest base camp trek

The summer season begins from June until August. During the summer season raining in Nepal. Due to the monsoon season, the weather may not be favors of our choice.

The beginning of June can be a trek because of the mild weather condition. We don’t want to recommend that season because of the unfavorable condition on climate change. Still, we are ready to provide a service, may not be possible on a flight to Lukla because of the rainy and cloudy state of the weather.

The summer season in Everest base camp trek temperature maximum 20c to 25c and minimum it goes -2c to -5c, if weather getting worse, maybe evening time will be minus 10 degree Celsius.

What did you experience while trekking in the Everest Region? 

 Outstanding lifetime experiment of the adventure during the trek

Explore the local Sherpa culture and tradition with an ancient Buddhist monastery 

Sagarmatha national park is another attraction; where we explore the diversity of flora and fauna in the Himalayan region.

Heavenly view of the mountain range from the kalapather (5648m) and Everest base camp (5368m) 

360 stunning view of the mountain range along the way to trek

If you choose the best time to trek in Everest base camp, it will be a stunning view of lovely landscape and nature.

Why choose the best month of the trek in Everest base camp? 

Stable weather condition 

Stunning view of the mountain range

Explore the beautiful Sagarmatha national park and Sherpa village

Trekking in a pleasant environment

Biodiversity of the Everest region

The attraction of the Buddhist monastery   


Everest base camp trek world-famous destination. Every year many national and international tourists came to visit in this trekking trail. The fantastic beautiful environment in Everest base camp trekking. If the weather was stable, we could 360 view of the mountain range as well as incredible landscape. We cannot easily predict the climate of the Himalayan area, so better to choose the best season trekking /high season in high altitude.

We are here to serve our guest-oriented service. If you want further information, you can feel free to send an email or contact us.

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