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  • March 26, 2020
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Difficulty of Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Manaslu circuit trek is an offers off beaten unique trekking destination in Nepal. Manaslu (8163m) is the 8th highest mountain in the world. While planning a trek in higher altitude you will worry about the challenging part of the trek. So you may want to know the difficulty of the Manaslu circuit trek. Every year came to travel in the Manalsu region trek to explore the natural beauty of the high Himalayan range and people’s lifestyle.

Manaslu circuit trek is the best alternative of the Annapurna circuit and Everest base camp trekking destination in Nepal. The trek gradually takes you to the upper elevation of the trek. You don’t need to be a professional athlete or mountain climber to complete the Manaslu circuit trek. But you have to physically strong and ready to walk and run for a few hours of a few minutes’ walks. For the high altitude hike, you are physically fit for the certain level and mental preparation for the adventurous journey.

Manaslu circuit trek takes you through the lush green forest, remote villages, several rivers, and waterfall with eye witnessing view of adorable mountain vistas.

The Manasalu circuit trek difficulty level is strenuous. So if you are a beginner, it is quite difficult to walk in higher altitudes. If you are being prepared while starting a journey, you can easily accomplish a trek but it doesn’t need any technical skills.

Those who have a basic fitness level and determination can accomplish the adventurous journey.

After the 2015AD devastating earthquake destroys few things along the trail. It might be difficult for the traveler because of the destruction of the tea house along the trekking route.

However, nowadays the trekking trail became a recovery and very safe to travel in the Manaslu circuit trek. It is a hidden treasure of the natural beauty of the Manaslu region trek.

Besides, now Darmasala is open tea houses. Along the trail, there are more facilitate open tea houses. So you can complete a trek very conveniently.

But, you have to bring wisely and properly the trekking gears, which helps to overcome the difficulty level of the Manaslu circuit trek.

Highlights of the Manasalu circuit trek

  • Explore the remote villages and diverse beauty of the culture
  • The treks lead you through the green forest, waterfalls, rivers, spiritual lands and amazing mountain vistas along the trekking trail
  • Adventure the high scenic Manaslu region valley trek with Larke-la pass
  • Explore the Diversity of flora and fauna
  • The amazing beauty of nature with stunning mountains range
  • Sunrise and sunset views on top of a mountain range from the Salya, Sama, Samdo and other well-known places along the Manasalu circuit trek.
  • Explore some ancient Buddhist monasteries

Here, we describe some factors of the Manaslu circuit trek difficulty.

The difficulty of Manaslu circuit trek: Distance

Manaslu circuit trek located in the northern part of the Himalayan region, the west-central part of the Gorkha district. The trek begins from the Arughat Bazar or Soti Khola, which takes about a 6-7 hour drive from Kathmandu. This trek is varied from the terrain field of lower elevation 590m to the 8163m height MT Manaslu from the sea level.

The Manaslu circuit trek is about 177km/ 110 miles in total distance. Generally, the trek can be done within a 14-18 days itinerary with a 5-6 hour walk per day.

The trek can be made for shorter or longer, it will depend upon your walking hour and pace of walking as well as the time frame of the guest.

Besides, the trek leads you to the Buddhi Gandaki valley from the beginning of the trek few more days trekking trails leading through the narrow and rocky trail. So it will make it some difficulty during a trek.

Thus you have to ready to walk uneven terrain, rocky trails and that might add Fatigue who are physically not fit. So you must have prepared while starting a journey physically and mentally challenge yourself.

The highest point of the trek is Larkya La Pass at altitude 5,153M, which is a must challenging part from the whole trip. Sometime you might walk in heavy snow but you don’t need technical skills.

If you want to make your journey more adventurous, you have a habit of walking with ready face an uneven challenging situation during Manaslu circuit trek.


The difficulty of Manaslu circuit trek: Altitude

Manaslu circuit trek provides the variation of altitude. During the trek, you will pass the different landscape, climate, and altitude.


The trek starts from the lower elevation 590m and heading to 5,153m from the sea level. The high altitude Manasalu circuit trek, you may get a challenging aspect of altitude sickness during the trek.

The challenging part of the Manaslu circuit trek is crossing the high pass Larkye la pass (5,156m). The trekking trail getting higher elevation, you have to adjust the new environment, so you may face the altitude sickness problem. As the trail heading towards higher altitude, there are fewer trees and you will become exposed to the elements like sun, snow and cold wind.

No matter whether you experienced or trek many times, you may suffer from mountain sickness, if you don’t trek properly.

Generally, the altitude trek starts from the 3,000m above elevation, many people are suffering from altitude sickness. So, you have to adjust to the new environment. For the altitude walk, you have proper acclimatization. To come out from the altitude sickness, you have a proper rest and slow walk with drink plenty of water.

As you head a trail in higher elevation, you will notice the symptoms of altitude sickness like headache, vomiting, dizziness, breathless and bodily uncomfortable to walk.

Don’t drink alcohol and smoke is very dangerous to walk in higher elevation trek.

So, you have to flow some precautions of the mountain sickness along the trek to altitude. Hydrate your body all the time to walk in higher elevation.

It can help you with a more adventurous and comfortable journey.

The difficulty of Manaslu circuit trek: Weather

Weather is one of the aspects to create a difficult situation in the Manaslu circuit trek. The weather in the Himalayan region, we can’t predict any time can change the climate.

The Manaslu circuit trekking trail can categories 6 climate zone like; tropical and sub-tropical, the temperate, sub-alpine, the alpine, and the arctic.

Besides, you will experience different weather and temperature along the trekking trail.

Spring and autumn is the best season for the trekking in higher elevation. And winter and summer season is the off-season trekking in Nepal.

Spring is one of the finest seasons of the trekking in the Manaslu circuit trek. This season offers clear and amazing weather to views the stunning Himalayan range along the trail. It is the perfect time to explore the witnessing beauty of blooming rhododendron and wildflower makes a colorful journey.

Autumn is another beautiful trekking season in Nepal. Due to the favorable weather, the pleasant and calm climate offers clear and nice visibility of snow-covered mountains. In this season you will also get the chance to know about Nepali culture and lifestyle.

Summer is the monsoon season in Nepal. There is heavy rain during a monsoon season trek. Due to the heavy rainfall the trekking trail sleeper, muddy and full of leaches. Also trekking in the Manaslu circuit is challenging and difficult to walk along the trekking trail.

Winter season trek in the Manaslu region might be miserable and challenging. During the winter season heavy snowing alone the trekking trail and most of the tea house is closed. The temperature will be freezing at night and morning time. But day time temperature will be stable and clear views of the snow copped mountains.

Manaslu circuit trek is possible throughout the year. You have to proper preparation of trekking gears according to the seasonal demand of the higher altitude trek.


The difficulty of Manaslu circuit trek: Strength and Training

Manasalu circuit trek difficulty is the moderate strenuous and adventurous. If you are physically fit or habitual to the trek. However, you have to have to train your body for a long-distance walk or any other physical activity.

Besides, you have to walk 5-6 hours per day at higher altitude sometime a few hours adding more. The trekking routes leading through the forests, rocky path, and long steeps climb, and steep descents as well.

Such high altitude trek, we make an itinerary as per the proper acclimatization for the adjustment of our body in a new environment. You have to walk slowly and sufficient rest for your memorable and adventurous journey.

You sound prepared while starting a journey to the Manaslu circuit trek for the memorable and enjoyable. So, you should get prepared your mind and body.

Well, walking in higher altitude is a great demanding of the physical preparedness than the lower altitude trek. So you must build your strength before leaving for the journey.

During Manaslu circuit trek you will find a variety of landscapes. Most of the time you walk through steep and muddy terrain along the trek.

You had to prepare your leg, knee, feet, ankles have to face and experienced different terrain walk. So if you are physically and mentally get ready to touch any kind of challenge during the trek. You will easily and funny way accomplished your journey.


The difficulty of Manaslu circuit trek: Cardiovascular Fitness

For the Manaslu circuit trek, you have for most important things is Cardiovascular Fitness. It boasts a function of your heart and lungs supply oxygen-rich blood in your body during the trek.

As you walk in higher altitude the oxygen level is getting thinner. To come out from the thinner level of oxygen you have to build your Cardiovascular Fitness. Running, Jogging, cycling, swimming, and walking are the developer of Cardiovascular Fitness.


The difficulty of Manaslu circuit trek: Mental preparation

For the Manaslu circuit trek mental preparation play the vital role of the trek. If you are mentally prepared you are getting ready to face any kind of challenge during higher altitude trek. The Manaslu circuit trek is not tough. But any age group of people is can part of the trek.

Mental health is very important to complete the trek. It includes your emotions, psychology, and social well-being. If you think a positive way, you will handle your determination and stress-free well personality to accomplished trek. So you should have the mental ability to provoke the passion to make it fruitful.

Besides, you will enjoy the adventurous journey. Then you will learn something about the Manaslu circuit along the long hike to the Himalayan region in Nepal.

The difficulty of Manaslu circuit trek: Permits

The Manaslu circuit trek is the restricted conservation trekking trail in Nepal. Individual trekkers are not allowed in this region trek because of safe natural beauty as well as your safe travel. You must be hired as a trekking guide, without a guide you are not permitted to enter the Manaslu conservation areas.

Also, you have to pay for the special permit fee for the entrance.

Manaslu trekking permit cost is as follows:

The restricted permit cost depends on what seasons are you take part of the trekking in Nepal.

Manaslu restricted permits can range from $50 offseasons to $70 high seasons for the first week and $7 to $10 per day afterward.

The MCAP and ACAP are NPR 3000 (approximately $30) each.

The Tsum Valley restricted Permit can range from $25 to $35 for the first week.

(Note: TIMS is not required for the Manaslu trek when you purchase the restricted permit.)

Tips of Manaslu circuit trek

  • While starting a trek, choose the best season for the experience of less challenge during a trek
  • If you are looking peak season you have to pre-book your trip. It will easy to book your accommodation for the altitude trek.
  • Walk slowly and having a sufficient rest for the acclimatization to your body in a new environment
  • You have to check the weather condition and preparation your trekking gears as per the seasonal demand.
  • Always hydrate your body and drink plenty of water
  • Hire a trekking guide and porter for the burden-free adventure
  • Don’t forget to bring altitude sickness medicine and first aid kit
  • Bring sufficient Nepali cash for the expense in higher altitude trek, you don’t find ATM service in remote places
  • You have to flow some rules and regulations while enter some ancient monuments along the trek.
  • Most bring some energy and dry food for a long hour’s walk. Sometime you will feel tired and energy less etc.



No doubt, the Manaslu circuit trek is one of the challenging trekking destinations in Nepal. If you have an appropriate mental and physical preparation with knowledge about the high altitude. You will accomplish the journey with adventurous and memorable in your lifetime.

I hope the article provides information about the difficulty as well as an adventurous journey.

Let us know if you want more information about the Manaslu Circuit trek difficulty. We are ready to respond to your kind of question as soon as possible.

For more information contact or email us.

Good luck!!!


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