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Annapurna circuit trek
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  • June 11, 2020
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Annapurna Circuit Trek Best Season

Annapurna circuit trek is the most popular trekking trail in the Annapurna region trek. This is a famous trekking trail after the Everest base camp.  The trek provides an adventurous journey with the witness of natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, and cultural variation.

Are you looking Annapurna circuit trek best season? Or got confused when to trek? This article will help you to plan your trip when and which trek is the best to travel to Nepal.

Annapurna circuit trek has offers various trekking routes and packages in Nepal. With good physical fitness and proper arrangement of trekking gears as you can trek any time of the year. However, Annapurna circuit trek’s best season is spring and autumn.

The Annapurna circuit trek is a moderate level of trekking trail. The trek might be challenging but it is possible throughout the year. During off-season trek it might be added difficulty increased in Annapurna circuit trek but it is doesn’t mean that trek is impossible.

Trekking in Annapurna circuit experiences the various significant places like Manag, Muktinath, Jomsom, etc. Where you enjoy the stunning beauty of nature, culture, and ancient monuments with majestic views of snow-capped mountains. The highest altitude of the trek is Thorung-La pass 5416m from the sea level.

The best season of Annapurna circuit trek offers stable and favorable weather. There might be occasional rainfall and snowfall during the summer and winter season. Even though remaining time will be absolutely perfect for the Annapurna circuit trek.

However, Annapurna circuit trek is doable throughout the year but there is time that offers the perfect weather. The Annapurna circuit trek best season is autumn (September-November) and spring (March-May). These are the peak trekking season in Nepal also with Annapurna circuit trek. This article will help to choose the best time to trek in the Annapurna circuit.



Annapurna circuit trek-best season

Annapurna circuit trek in autumn

  • Weather and temperature in Annapurna circuit trek in autumn
  • Highlights of trekking in autumn
  • Tips for Annapurna circuit trek in autumn

Annapurna circuit trek in spring

  • Weather and temperature in Annapurna circuit trek in spring
  • Highlights of trekking in spring
  • Tips of Annapurna circuit trek in spring

Off-season trek in Annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna circuit trek in Summer/Monsoon

  • Weather and temperature Annapurna circuit trek in summer/monsoon
  • Tips of Annapurna circuit trek in monsoon

Annapurna circuit trek in winter

  • Weather and temperature Annapurna circuit trek in winter
  • Tips for Annapurna circuit trek in winter


Annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna circuit trek-best season

Annapurna circuit trek is the classic trekking route in the Annapurna region trek. If you are confused about the best season planning Annapurna circuit trek, it will help you to decide the best trekking season in Nepal.

Annapurna Circuit Trek in Autumn

Autumn falls in September, October, and November month. And this is the king season in trekking in Nepal. It is the high season trekking in the Annapurna circuit. So along with the trekking trail traffic of the trekkers. If you are a solo traveler you will get the fellow traveler. However autumn will not be ideal who is looking for a pleasant and peaceful trekking trail.  The trekking trail tea houses have overcrowded with guests. Thus you need to pre-book accommodation for the best service.

During autumn you will experience a stable and pleasant trekking trail weather condition. The days are mostly sunny and clear skies. The surroundings views of Mount Annapurna range are marvelous. This is the perfect time to witness the snow-capped mountains.

The chance of rainfall is very low. You might be encounter occasional rainfall early month of September. If you are trekking early September you have to bring proper rain gear. In this time trekking in Annapurna circuit day time weather is warm and mild in lower elevation trek. However, the temperature will be decreased while moving towards a higher elevation of the trek.

Weather and Temperature in Annapurna Circuit Trek in Autumn

In autumn (September, October, November) you will experience the different weather conditions on this three-month trek in the Annapurna circuit. The season starts after the monsoon season in Nepal. Thus there was a chance of light rainfall beginning of the autumn season.

You will experience stable weather and moderate temperature between Mid- September to mid- November. During this period least chances of rainfall and snowfall along the trekking trail. Both day and night time offers beautiful weather.

The temperature will be around -4-degree Celsius in the highest point of the trek at Thorung La Pass during September. The average temperature will be around 8- 12 degrees at the altitude of 2000 m- 4000 m ranges. And the temperature will be around 8- 22 degrees below the altitude of 2000m.

You will experience November and October average temperature Of 15 degrees during the daytime. The night temperature will be decreased by around 7 degrees drop-down. However, in late November the temperature will be decreased dramatically at Thorong-la pass.

Highlights of Trekking in Autumn

  • Perfect weather and climate
  • Beautiful sceneries
  • The celebration of greatest festival Dashain and Tihar in Nepal
  • Breathtaking views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and so on.
  • Explore the diversity of flora and fauna along the trek

Tips for Annapurna Circuit Trek in Autumn

  • Pre-book accommodation for the comfortable service
  • Bring lightweight warm clothes and trekking gears
  • Carry rain gears if you are trek early in the September

Annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek in Spring

Spring is the second best trekking season in the Annapurna circuit. This is the most beautiful season for natural beauty. The Rhododendron and wildflower blooming along the trekking trail. It will be a great opportunity to experience the combination of fresh air with the fragrance of the flowers makes a refreshing walk.

Clear skies and stable weather makes the mesmerizing journey along the trek. During spring, few chances of snowfall and rainfall to trek in the Annapurna region.

Also you will see the brilliant views of the Himalayan range, valleys, green hill, and mountain spring arrives after the winter. From the beginning of spring diverse wildlife and plants revive after the colder winter season. You will see new plants grow in this season trek.

Weather and Temperature in Annapurna Circuit Trek in Spring

During Annapurna circuit trek, you will experience winter weather in the early spring season trek. In early spring the temperature is cold. Also, trekking in the Annapurna circuit guaranteed clear and pleasant weather to trek. However, you might encounter the snowfall on the trail.

Spring takes away colder weather in the winter season and welcomes warmer weather. The weather is clear and favorable to trek. The clear skies you provide the outstanding beauty of the mountains and nature.

The temperature will be around in the Annapurna region in spring during an early march is 10 degrees Celsius in a lower elevation trek. The nights and morning weather is chilling. Above 4,000m elevation trek the temperature is near to freezing. So you have to carry warm clothes when you trek in early March.

May is the hottest month of the spring season. From the starting of May, the temperature will be increasing.  The average temperature will vary between 18- 23 degrees in May in the lower areas. The nights are a bit colder with an average temperature of 5 degrees. Also the highest point of the Thorong-la pass temperature will be freezing Annapurna circuit trek in spring.

Highlights of Trekking in Spring

  • Explore the blooming colorful rhododendron forest
  • A Warm and mild climate
  • Vivid and beautiful views of snow-capped mountains
  • Chance of witnessing the flora and fauna

Tips of Annapurna Circuit Trek in Spring

  • Carry warm trekking gears if you are trekking early March
  • Book accommodation and trip in advance
  • Carry appropriate trekking gears if you are trekking early March or late May. Early march you will encounter the snowfall and late May will be rainfall along the trekking trail.


Off-season Trek in Annapurna Circuit Trek

Summer/monsoon and winter is the off-season trek in Nepal. During these seasons are the least traveler time of the year in Nepal. But different people have their own perception and they do make a plan during off-season trek. Those who have not timed in peak season trek they can make a plan.  Off-season also offers the various trekking packages in Nepal.

Annapurna Circuit Trek in Summer/Monsoon

Summer season falls in the month of June, July, and August in Nepal. The Annapurna region trek gets hot and wet weather conditions along the trek. Since it is off-season and along the trail few trekkers you will find. Thus Annapurna circuit trek you will experience a peaceful and pleasant walk.

The monsoon makes the trekking trail muddy and slippery. Such a wet trekking trail somehow difficult to walk. Most of the trekking trail passes through the dense forest. So you might be suffering from leeches and mosquitoes. And sometimes you have to walk through the landslide and avalanches prone areas.  Thus you have to extra careful while walking on the trekking trail.

Usually, the rain shower during the late afternoon to early morning. It will not barrier during day time trekking. However, you have to carry your rain gear to avoid getting wet from the rain. You can get amazing experience during monsoon season trek in Annapurna circuit trek. After the rainfall you will get the witness of the fresh air with amazing views of nature and mountain range. It offers a pleasing environment to walk along the trail. The earthy fragrance provides you refresh environment throughout the journey.

If you are looking for rain shadows areas trekking trail in Nepal, you can do Upper Mustang trek instead. You didn’t worry about the wet trail and a moist atmosphere.

Weather and Temperature Annapurna Circuit trek in Summer/Monsoon

Monsoon offer the frequent heavy downpour along the Annapurna circuit trek. The month of July offers the maximum amount of rainfall.  And it doesn’t rain much early in June and late August. Thus, if you like to trek in Monsoon early June and late August will be the best time to trek Annapurna region.

In the Annapurna region during monsoon season weather and temperature is quite warm and mild. The temperature will be around 15-25 degrees Celsius in lower region trek. Annapurna circuit trek gets an average of 600- 800 mm rainfall during the monsoon season trek. However, some of the parts of the trek like Jomsom, Lower Mustang, Marpha, etc. will be rain little as 50 mm.  This is because of the rain shadows areas in Annapurna region trek In Nepal.

Tips of Annapurna Circuit Trek in Monsoon

  • Don’t forget to bring rain gears like waterproof jackets, rain cover, and waterproof hiking boots, etc.
  • Bring mosquito repellent cream with you.
  • Take care while walking a slippery and muddy trekking trail.
  • Look at the trekking trail leaches and harmful insect when walking

Annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek in Winter

Winter is the coldest season in Annapurna conservation. It falls December, January, and February. In winter season the weather became harsh in Annapurna circuit trek. During this time higher altitude trekking trail is mostly covered by the snow and it makes it difficult to trek. Some of the higher altitude and high pass trek is blocked because of the heavy snow.

Plus, Annapurna region trek in February you will experience the extreme coldness along the trekking trail.  The lower region of the trek is warmer than the higher altitude trek. However, the highest elevation of the trek Thorong-la pass became coldest. It will become a challenging and difficult to trek such highest passes trek in Nepal during winter.

If you want to avoid low temperatures during winter season trek in the Annapurna circuit early December will be the perfect time to trek. However, the weather is harsh along the higher altitude trek but it offers the gorgeous views of snow-capped mountains. This is the off-season trek and a lower number of people are along the trek. And you might get some discount offers for accommodation and food service. Therefore, the Annapurna circuit trek cost in the winter season will be cheaper.

Weather and Temperature Annapurna Circuit Trek in Winter

During winter season weather and temperature will be harsh but tolerable. Due to the high altitude the temperature will be decreased and cold weather. The Annapurna region temperature will be around 7-12 degrees Celsius in lower region trek.

However, the higher altitude at 2000 m- 4,000m the temperature will be around 2- 8 degrees Celsius. The night and morning temperature will be a drop below zero degrees Celsius. Plus, along the trekking trail you might be encounter snowfall.

Tips for Annapurna Circuit Trek in Winter

  • Carry warm and woolen trekking clothes
  • It is better to trek in the month of early December
  • Bring enough winter trekking gears and equipment, you have to walk in the snow.


Annapurna circuit trek


We can’t predict the weather condition in higher altitude Himalayan region trek. Even if you are trekking Annapurna circuit in peak season the weather can change as you walking higher altitude.

In conclusion Annapurna circuit trek best season is autumn and spring season. It will depend on your choice as per the trekker’s types. If you are experiencing trekkers off-season trek also fine with proper preparation of the trekking gears. Also you have to keep updated with the weather forecast. It was the adventurous and exiting movement during the trek. However, if you are beginner trekkers spring and autumn season would be a perfect choice.

We have a different Annapurna circuit trekking packages. If you want to trek Annapurna circuit trek with Tilicho lake or Nar Phu valley trek. Adventure Alpine Gorkha Treks will provide the best and customized service as per the guest’s choice.

For more information you can email or contact us.

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