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Bhutan, Dzongkha, Druk Yul, the land of peaceful, legendary, historical and phenomenal bio-diversity as for its affluent and brilliant cultural heritage. The Bhutanese name for Bhutan, Druk Yul, means “Land of the Thunder Dragon” and it only began to open up to outsiders in the 1970s. It is a landlocked country in south Asia, located in eastern Himalayan region. The county has approximately 700000 inhabitants. Located in remote Himalayan Mountains, it has very rich natural resources, culture, flora and fauna.

Bhutan is one of the unique destination for those who are seeking adventure with high mountains deep valleys and unspoiled by modernization. Trekking in mountain of Bhutan had a wonderful experience for those who are enjoy walking and camping in rich natural resources, local people and their own custom and language. The tourism industry in Bhutan, guided by the principle of sustainability, environmentally friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically reasonable.

Bhutan tour offers their art and architecture which from of significant role of their identity. Most of the monument wooden beams are painted with elaborate figurative earth-toned designs. Dzongs (fortresses), Lhakhangs (temples), Gompas (monasteries), Chortens/Stupas (religious monuments) and all houses can be seen as an exceptional architecture.

Bhutan is the peaceful Buddhist tiny kingdom between mighty neighbors like: Tibet and China in the north, Nepal in the west and India in the east and south. We had a great opportunity to explore Bhutan, Buddhist culture and tradition, visiting beautiful monastery and mountain range like, Everest Mt. Everest, Kanchanjunga and others.

It has four seasons and the weather differ depending on the altitude. March to May is spring when the climate is amiable and the flowering trees blossom. June to August is summer, also referred to as the monsoon season because there is plenty of rain. September to November is Autumn and December to February is winter. Similarly, while in central Bhutan generally enjoys snowfall every year, in the western region it is unpredictable.

Bhutan is a remarkable land of legends, breathtaking scenery, unspoiled nature, unique attraction and very helpful human community in the world. If you visit Bhutan, you will understand their amazing life style of people, harmonious cultural identity as well as natural resources. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is a famous place amongst other memorable landmarks in this strange country.